Morrison's Pensions

Klock's Regiment NY Militia
John Arkson
Appears as shown below on a Receipt Roll under the following heading:
"We the Subrcribers do hereby acknowledge to have received of Col. Jacob Klock Certificates for our Survices in the Militia in the late War (of the Numbers & for the Sums placed opposite our Names) Syned by the Treasurer of this State."
(Revolutionary War)
Roll dated Montgomery County, State of New York, Nov. 4, 1784.
Abm Acker (signed with his mark)
No. 1663 £ 0. 5. 0
No. 1879 £ 2. 8. 0
No. 1957 £ 1.0. 10. 8
No. 1300 £ 1. 1. 4
No. 1598 £ 1. 8. 5
No. 1215 £ 1. 8. 5
From copy (made in the R. & P. Office, War Department, in October 1896), of an original record borrowed from the State of New York.
Number of Record ll. Augstin, Copyist

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