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Pension Application for Philip Cromwell

State of New York
Montgomery County
            SS (Sworn to and subscribed) On this eighteenth day of September one thousand eight hundred and thirty seven, personally appeared before Hon. John Hand one of the Judges of the Montgomery Courts, Magdalen Cromwell, a resident of the Town of Glen in the County and State aforesaid aged seventy-five years the first day of July last past, who being first duly sworn according to law, doth on her oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the provision of the Act of Congress passed July 4th 1836.  That she is the widow of Philip Cromwell, Jr., who was a surgeon in the War of the Revolutionary Army and that some time in the fall of 1776 he was absent from home at least a fortnight and was there doing duty as a surgeon in the army at Albany as this deponent was then informed and believed and returned home on account of ill health.
            That in the year 1778 (1) he was again in the said army in the capacity of Surgeon from the first of April to the latter part of November or first of December of the same year.  That before he left home on both the times above specified, he the said Philip recd letters from Dr. Stringer (2) a surgeon in the army under Gen. Schuyler and from General Schuyler himself, and the purport of those letters were for her husband and the said Philip to join the army as surgeons and those letters were the reason of his leaving home, but those letters have been destroyed not supposing they would ever by of any use.  She is positive that the services above specified were rendered but may possibly be mistaken as to the time of service.
            She further declares that she was married to the said Philip Cromwell, sometime in April 1778, (3) but the particular day she cannot set forth. That her husband the aforesaid Philip Cromwell, died on the 30th day of September 1827 and that she had remained a widow ever since that period as will more fully appear by reference to the proof hereto annexed and further that from infirmity and want of practice she is now unable to write and therefore makes her mark.  (Signed with her mark) Magdalen Cromwell
            Sworn to and subscribed on the day and year above written before.
John Hand, a Judge of the Montgomery County Courts.
State of New York
Montgomery County
Surrogate’s Court
            I Giles F. Van Vechten Surrogate of said County of Montgomery hereby certify that at a Surrogate’s Court held in & for said County of Montgomery hereby certify that at a Surrogate’s Court held in & for said country before me at the Village of Fultonville on the twentieth day of May in the year 1845 it was most satisfactorily proved by evidence before me that Philip Cromwell late of the Town of Glen in said County died there in on the 20th day of September 1826 being at the time of this death about eighty years of age—that he left him surviving Magdalena Cromwell his lawful widow.  That the said Magdalena departed this life at Glen aforesaid on the 4th of December 1841 leaving her surviving the following named children all of whom are of lawful age to wit—Stephen Cromwell, Cornelia Cromwell, Helen Cromwell, and Jane Cromwell all residing in Glen aforesaid—Maria Tremper widow residing in Glen aforesaid.  John P. Crowmwell who has since died.  Peter Cromwell residing at Saratoga Springs in Saratoga County in said State and Caty wife of David Lewis residing in the State of Ohio—And that said Magdalena at the time of her death was aged eighty two years and upwards.
            As written my hand and seal of office this 20th day of May 1845 at Fultonville aforesaid.  Giles F. Van Vechten—Surrogate.

End Notes

  1. Philip Cromwell Jr. served at various times as a Surgeon in Colonel Frederick Visscher’s Regiment of Tryon County Militia (Third Regiment).
  2. Dr. Samuel Stringer.
  3. Dutch Reformed Church of Caughnawaga page 162—Philip Cromwell ;Jr. married Magdalena Lewis on April 27, 1778

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