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Captain Henry Deifendorf

            Oriskany Battle. - Col. Vischer, as soon as the alarm of the attack, called out in Dutch, "O Lord God Almighty, run, boys, or we are all gone!" & set the cowardly example.
            Jacob Casler  (grandfather of informants) was in the advanced  guard, & the only one who escaped - which he did by throwing himself flat upon the ground, the moment he discovered the enemy in ambush in the act of firing; & after the first fire he betook himself to a tree. Stone erroreonously says more of the advanced guard escaped.
            Capt. Henry Deifendorf of Fort Plain (Geo. Casler's Captain - & this Geo. C. related as follows to his nephew, my informant) got into a personal encounter with an Indian, & Deifendorf threw him & then ran him through with his sword. Deifendorf then treed: George Casler now seeing an Indian runing up, evidently to revenge the death of his fellow, called out to Col. Cox to look out for the Indian approaching Capt. Deifendorf. Hearing his name pronounced, Deifendorf thrust out his head, & was shot dead by the Indian, who now turned in flight & was in turn shot by Cox, bounded several feet into the air, & fell dead. - Dr. Chs Deifendorf, of Fort Plain, is a relative or descendant.
            Maj. Danl Casler (Tailor & Dep. Sheriff) is the oldest brother  of Abm Casler.
            Mr. Thayer, with his son Elbridge Thayer - Lee Center, Oneida Co: N.Y. Peter Burke, Lee, Oneida Co. - in Oriskany battle.
                     Cold Spring, Feb. 17 - 1850.



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