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Pension Application for Ralph Schenck

W.15841 (Widow: Aleta or Alita)  6th April 1855, Aleta applied for pension, she was 90, resident of Fishkill, NY.  She states that she married Ralph Schenek in the Month of January 1782 in Fishkill by the Rev. M. Rysdeck, minister of the Reformed Dutch Church, that he died on or about the 27th of June 1838.
Private, Infantry
            Moriah Scheneck born September 20, 1784, Jane Schenck was born in the year 1785, April 2nd, Margaret Scheneck was born in the year 1788 February 7th, John Schenck was born in the year  1790, August 10th.
Revolutionary Claim
            For the purpose of obtaining the benefits of an act entitled an act for the relief of certain surviving officers and soldier of the army of the Revolution approved on the 15th May 1828, I Ralph Schenck in the Town of Mamakating in the County of Sullivan in the State of New York do hereby declare that I was a non commissioned officer in the Continental Line of the Army of the Revolution and served as such to the end of the war.  I entered the service in June 1776 in a company of Captain Cornelius VanWyck, Col. Swartout Regiment in 1777 listed in Captain Wykoff, Col. or Major Clark then detached under Captain James Roosecrann, Col. Lewis Dubois Regiment and was discharged in June 1783 at which period I was in Roosecrann Company, Col. VanCourtlandt Regiment of the New York.  Witness my hand this 16th day of September 1828.  (Signed) Ralph Schenck
            Before me Obadiah Beaty a Justice of the Peace in the County of Sullivan in the State of New York personally appeared this day Henry Cramer of the Town of Mamakating of said County who did make oath that Ralph Schenck by whom the foregoing declaration was subscribed was in the Col. Lewis Dubois Regiment in the Revolution war as in manner therein stated and I and Belknap Erkwise make oath the said Ralph Schenck who subscribed the foregoing declaration is general reputed and believed to have been in the revolutionary army in manner as therein stated.  Witness my hand this 16th day of Sept’er 1828.  Obediah Beaty, Justice of the Peace.

Mamakating November 3, 1828.
Revolutionary Claim.  Under the act entitled an act for the relief for certain surviving officers and soldiers of the revolution approved on the 15th of May 1828.
            I Ralph Schenck of Mamakating Sullivan County and State of New York do hereby make a further declaration.  That I enlisted in the year of 1776 for six months after the expiration of the six months I enlisted in the year of 1777 for three years or during the war in Captain James Roosamann Company of Infantry in Col. Lewis Dubois Regiment.  Captain Roosamann afterwards became Major my ensign was taken sick.  I received an order from my Col. to act as Ensign when I did after our regiment became reduced I was then detached under different officers until the Peace I was under Captain Matt and Captain Hamtrammul.
            During my service I was in the battles of White Plains, Fort Montgomery, Monmouth out on the western expedition against the Indians and at the taken [taking] of Corn Wallis.  Then returned to New York State on the north River at West Point and Snake Hill detached on picket guard and scouting parties until the month of June 1783, when I received my discharge.  (Signed) Ralph Schenck
            Sworn and Subscribed this 12th day of September 1829 before me, Obadiah Beaty, Justice of the Peace.

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