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Pension Application for John Addoms or Addams

W.16805 (Widow: Mary)
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Continental NY.  Entered at New York City .  Superintendant of Mechanics.  d. June 8, 1823 at Plattsburgh NY.  Pension $600.00 per annum to Mary.
            Being considerably advanced in life I cannot expect to continue here long, but being in health of body and of sound disposing mind & feeling happy in God through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ & a sure hope of happiness begins this work at the same time I feel for my dear Children, therefore I make this my last will & testament in their behalf—
            According to the last will & testament of my beloved husband John Addoms who is now deceased, one article of said will is as follows vig. “Article 9th I bequeath to my beloved wife Mary Addoms all my household furniture of every description, also after my estate shall be fully settled according to the foregoing articles of this will, the surplus of my property if any then be, I bequeath to my beloved wife to be at her disposal, and I direct my executors to pay said money (if any there be) to my beloved wife as soon as possible after the estate is settled”—
            My dear husband’s estate not being as yet fully settled it cannot as yet be ascertained how much money will be coming to me.  The most of the household furniture I have already disposed of, but expecting that something will be coming to me I make the following bequest to my dear children viz.  I bequesth the rest to my daughters viz, Mary Reeve, Phebe Barlow, Sally Hagan, Harriet Boardman and my daughter in law Harriet Addams half a dozen silver Tea spoons to be delivered to each of them by my executors, (haven’t then named) as soon as may be consistent, the remainder of said money if any I direct my Executors to give & pay over to my said children above named to be divided amongst them according as my said executor shall Judge in their opinion they most need—
            Thereby given into the hands of my executor hereinafter named all my property of every description in Trust to be disposed of according to the foregoing Will—
            I also hereby nominate and appoint my son John Townsend Addoms, my son in law Luther Hagan my executor to this my last will & testament, or the survivors of them.—
            In virtue whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this eighth day of December 1828.  (Signed) Mary Addoms
            Signed and sealed & delivered in the personage who have subscribed our names as witnesses in the present of the Testator & in the [?] this declared to be her last Will & Testament.  Priscilla Petter, [?] Watson, Samuel Watson (signed with his mark)

John Addoms & Charity Smith married 7th of Nov’m 1763
John Addoms & Mary Townsend married 4th of June 1778
William Coe & Martha Addoms married 17th Jan’y 1787
Robert Reeve & Mary Addoms married 12th of Nov’m 1797
Jonas Smith Addoms & Rebecca Rogers married 17th March 1804
Benjamin Moore & Elisabeth Addoms md May 24th 1810
Jonathan Barlow & Phebe Addoms md 17th No’r 1812
Luthar Hagar & Sarah Addoms md 25th August 1813
John T. Addoms & Harriet Young Married April 1, 1814
Lemuel Barlow & Charity Addoms md August 17th 1816
Horace Boardman &b Harriet Addoms married 21st March AD 1821

Richard Addoms deceased on the 3rd of October 1767
Richard Addoms deceased on the 15th of April 1769
Charity, (the wife of John Addoms) Dec’d 17th of October 1775
John Addoms Jun Deceas’d on the 31st of October 1776
Phebe Addoms Deceas’d on the 8th of July 1784
Jonas smith Addomsm Deceas’d on the 6th of May 1804
Rebeca Addoms his wife deceased 1808
Elisabeth Mooers Deceased 22 January 1818

State of New York
County of Clinton SS
            Harriet Baordman wife of Horace Boardman & daughter of Major John Addoms deceased (the said Harriet being a resident of Plattsburg in said County) being duly sworn says that the annexed paper is an original record taken by her from the family Bible of her said Father John Addoms deceased & has been in her possession for more than fifteen years past, & she verily believes it to be a true and correct record of the marriage of her said Father to Mary Townsend on the 8th day of June 1778,--That said record was made as she believes more than twenty years ago & has ever since been considered and admitted by her Father & his Family as a correct Family record—and further says not.  (Signed) Harriet Boardman
            Sworn to and Subscribed to before me this 24th day of July 1837—I certify that deponent is a credible witness.  Wm F. Haile, First Judge of Clinton County Courts.

State of New York
County of Clinton SS.
            On this seventh day of February 1837, personally appeared before the subscriber a Judge of Clinton County Courts Mrs. Mary Addoms a resident of Plattsburg in said County & State aged Eighty Six years who being first duly sworn according to law doth on her oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the provision made by the act of Congress passed July 4, 1836—That she is the widow of John Addoms who was a Major in the Army of the United States and served as follows—
            He served as a Major in Continental Army from the month of June 1778 and for sometime previous to the end of the Revolutionary War when he was disbanded—he had the command of the artificers who constructed the Chevaux de friezes in the Hudson River as he has told deponent—He was also superintended the building of the barracks at Fishkill—He resided in the City of New York when he entered the service as a Captain about the beginning of the war as Deponent believes & was promoted to Major previous to his marriage with Deponent, has heard him state that he was at times under the command of Generals Washington, Putnam & Lee & others.—That she has no documentary evidence of his services or of her marriage with said John Addoms & none in support of her claim, she hopes however to procure satisfactory evidence of the justice of her claim to a pension—She further declares that she was married to the said John Addoms on the Eighth day of June seventeen hundred and seventy Eight—that her husband the aforesaid John Addoms died at Plattsburg on the Eighth day of June eighteen hundred and twenty three & that she has remained a widow ever since that period as will more fully appear by reference to the proof hereto annexed—Her name before marriage was Mary Townsend.—  (Signed with her mark)  Mary Addoms
            Sworn and Subscribed to before on this seventh of February 1837 & I certify that the deponent is unable to write her name or attend Court by reason of bodily infirmity & is now confined to her house by sickness & old age & blindness--& the foregoing was carefully read over to Deponent by me before she signed or swore to the above and I certify that she is a credible person.  Wm. F. Haile a Judge of Clinton County Court.

State of New York, County of Clinton SS.
            I, Mary Addoms of Plattsburg ins aid County in addition to my declaration made before Judge Haile do say  that when I first saw John Addoms he was called Major Addoms & wore a sword.  I was married to him on the 8th June 1778 & he there provided for the troops.  He after our marriage he purchased boards of Barracks, Horses, cattle & Provisions & necessaries for the Troops of the US.  I think he belonged to the Commissary Department.  I went to housekeeping immediately after our marriage at Nine Partners & my husband was stationed at Fishkill some twenty miles from where I lived & he used to come home every fortnight to see me.  I believe he had a commission [?] the date of our marriage.  I think he was a Forage Master.  I had three children (viz Polly, John T. & Phebe) before the close of the war in 1783 & while my husband was in the army & during his absence from home –when he came home occasionally on visits, he always wore a sword—he was with the army principally at West Point & Fishkill mostly at the latter place—I am confident he continued in the [?] service from the time of our  marriage to the close of the revolution, more than five years. ; I have no papers showing his services.  (Signed with an X)  Mary Addoms.
            Sworn & subscribed to before me this 12th day of July 1837. I certify that deponent is a credible person.  Douglas Woodward, Notary Public.  Witness present Luther Hagar

            Whereas I Mary Addoms of Plattsburgh in the County of Clinton & State of New York have made & duly made & executed my last will & testament in writing, bearing date the eighth day of December one thousand eight hundred & twenty eight & since that time I have become entitled to a pension from the United States as the widow of my beloved &b deceased husband Major John Addoms of the Revolutionary Army, which pension with the blessing of God will greatly increase my worldly estate before my decease.  Now in order to bequeath & dispose of all such money demands & property as may be added to my estate by such pension or may be bought with or grow out of the receipts & avails of such pension or be the proceeds thereof I do hereby make this Codicil to my last will & declares this present writing to be a codicil to said will & direct the same to be annexed thereto & taken as a part thereof.  And I do hereby bequeath all the monies which shall be received from the United States on account of said pension & all property & demands had on account of such monies or purchased therewith or which shall be the avails thereof, to my executors John T. Addoms & Luther Hagar in my said will named in Trust to hold the same as follows. 
            I direct my said executors within three months or as soon as may be after my decease to pay over & deliver two tenth parts of the monies demands property & avails remaining of such pension to my daughter Mary Reeve widow of Robert Reeve deceased—one other tenth part thereof to my son the said John T. Addoms—one other tenth part thereof to my daughter Sally Hagar the wife of Said Luther Hagar—The remaining six-tenth it is my will & direction shall constitute & be a fund to remain in my said executors & to be by them & in their name invested in safe stocks & loaned out from time to time on good bonds & mortgages or other good security & be held in trust by them, and I do further will & direct that the annual interest or increase of one sixth part of such fund shall be paid to my son Charles Addoms annually during his life; and if in the judgment of my executors from misfortune or otherwise anything more shall be necessary for the comfort & support of said Charles then it is my will that my executors shall from time to time pay out to him from the principal of said fund such sum or sums as they may deem necessary for that purpose not exceeding in the whole one sixth part of said fund, and all that shall remain of such sixth part of said fund at the death of said Charles shall immediately be paid to his heirs.
            And I further will & direct that the annual interest or increase of two other sixths of said fund shall annually be paid by my executors to my daughter Phebe Barlow the wife of Jonathan Barlow during her life & to no other person than her, and if in the judgment of my executors more than such interest shall be necessary at any time for the comfort support or convenience of said Phebe then it is my will that my executors shall from time to time pay to her such part of the principal of said fund as they may deem necessary for such purpose but not to exceed in the whole two sixths thereof, and such part of said two sixths of said fund as shall remain at the death of said Phebe my executors shall immediately pay to her children then living.
            And as to the remainder of said fund being three sixths thereof I further will & direct that the annual interest or increase thereof shall be paid to my daughter Harriet the wife of Horace Boardman during her life & to no other person than her, & if in the judgment of my executors more than such interest shall be necessary at any time for her comfort or support, then I direct that my executors shall from time to time as they shall deem it necessary for that purpose pay to her part of the principal of said fund not exceeding in the whole three sixth thereof & such part of such three sixth of said fund as shall remain at the death of said Harriet my executors shall pay to her children then living.
            If either of my said children Mary Reeve, John T. Addoms or Sally Hagar, shall die before my decease then I will & direct that my executors shall pay to the heirs of such of them as shall so die that part or share of my property mentioned & provided for in this codicil to which the parent so dying would if living at my decease have been entitled to—and if my son Charles shall die before my decease then I will & direct that my executors immediately after my death pay to his heirs one sixth part of said fun.
            If my daughter Phebe shall die before my decease then I will & direct that my executors immediately after my death pay to her children then living two sixths of said fun, and if my daughter Harriet shall die before my decease, then I will & direct that my Executors immediately after my death pay to her children then living three sixths of said fund.
            I also farther will &b bequesth to the Treasurer of the Missionary Society of the Methodist E. Church twenty-five dollars (that is provided I obtain said [?]) and I direct my executor to pay the same out of said pension immediately after my death before any of the above mentioned bequest are paid—
            In testimony whereof I have this 10th day of February AD 1837 at Plattsburgh aforesaid and in the presence of each other attesting witness as hereto subscribed &b my name and affixed my seal, hereby declaring this instrument to be a codicil to be added to & constituted as part of my last will & testament & requesting Andrew Moore & More K. Platt to sign their names respectively as witnesses, at the end thereof.  (Signed with her mark) Mary Adoms.
            Subscribed & sealed by the said Testatain in the presence of the undersigned witnesses of each of them, the said Testatrix at the time of making said subscription declaring the foregoing instrument so subscribed to be a codacile to & to be a part of her last will & testament and each of the undersigned witnesses then & there signed their names as such witnesses at the request of said Testatrin and in her presence and in the presence of each other.  Moss Kent Patll—Resident of the town of Plattsburgh, County of Clinton and State of New York.  Andrew Moore—Resident of the Town of Plattsburgh County of Clinton and State of New York.
            [Phebe Addoms died February 7, 1839.  Mary Addoms died in Plattsburgh 7th February 1839.]

Letter written in response for an inquiry, dated January 6, 1939.
            Reference is made to your letter in which you request the Revolutionary War record of your ancestor, Major John Addams (Addoms) whose widow was Mary Townsend Addoms, also information in regard to an Adams Genealogy; you state further that your grandmother was Charlotte Reeve Jones.
            The data which follow are found in the papers on file in pension claim, W.146805, based upon service in the Revolutionary War of John Addoms.
            John Addoms, while a resident of New York City, entered the service about the beginning of the Revolutionary War as a captain, was promoted major in June 1778 and continued in service until nearly the close of the war; he superintended building barracks at Fishkill, was in command of the artificers who constructed the chevaux-de-frise in the Hudson River to obstruct the passage of ships, was superintendent of Mechanics in the Northern Department of the United States Army, and in the alter part of the war was stationed at Newburgh, New York.
            John Addoms married November 7, 1763, Charity Smith, who died October 17, 1775; the place of this marriage and the names of her parents are not shown.  He married June 7, 1778, in Hopewell, Dutchess County, New York, at which time he was a major, Mary Townsend, who lived then at the home of Philip Verplanck at Wapping Creek.  Major John Addoms and his wife, Mary , lived near Nine Partners, Dutchess County, New York, for some years after their marriage, after which they lived on Cumberland Head in Plattsburg, New York.
            The officer, Major John Addoms, died June 7, 1823, in Plattsburgh, New York. 
            Mary Addoms, this officers widow, applied February 7, 1838, for pension on account of his service in the Revolutionary War, at which time she resided in Plattsburg, Clinton County, New York.  She died there February 7, 1839, at the age of eighty-eight years, five months and seven days; the place of her birth and names of her parents are not shown.  She was a member of the Methodist Church.  Her claim for pension had not been completed.
            Six children survived their mother, Mary Addoms & her name shown also Addams)—John T. Addoms, Harriet Boardman, the wife of Horace Boardman, Sally Hager, the wife of Luther Hager, all of Plattsburg, New York, Mary Reeve, widow of Robert Reeve, of Peoria, Illinois, Charles Addoms, of Ruseltown, Lower Canada, and Phebe Barlow, wife of Jonathan Barlow of Schenectady, New York.  In 1854, only four of these children were living, namely—John T. (Townsend) Addoms, Charles Addoms, Mary Reeve, and Phebe Barlow; said Mary Reeve resided then in Kingston, Illinois, and Phebe Barlow resided in Utica, New York.
            The pension which was due on account of service of Major John Addoms, their father, was allowed the four children listed above, in 1854.
            In 1854, the names of the surviving children of Sarah Hagar were given as Charles, Jonathan and Albert Hagar.  The names of the surviving children of Harriet Boardman were given then as—Horace, John Joel, Maria, William and Charles.
            In 1854, Rev. John T. Adams, the son of this officer, resided in Plattsburg, New York, he was born June 10, 1781, and his sister Polly, was born in April 1779.  John Addoms, the son of John T. Addoms, was born May 23, 1821 and resided in Plattsburg, in 1854, his brother William Young Addoms died February 25, 1838, and his sister, Elizabeth Antionette, died May 15, 1839.
            Nathaniel Townsend, brother of Mary Townsend who married the officer, John Addoms, was born August 12, 1761, lived near Nine Partners, Dutchess County, New York, during the Revolutionary War, and had a brother, John Townsend, living there at the time.  In 1832, said Nathaniel resided in Oyster Bay, Queens County, New York.
            In 1837, Gertrude Hoffman was a resident of Poughkeepsie, Dutchess County, New York, aged seventy years.  She was present at the marriage of Mary Townsend and Major John Addoms and stated that it took place at the home of her (Gertrude’s ) father, Philip Verplanck.  No relationship between these persons was stated.
            The following family data are recorded in this claim:
John Addoms & Charity Smith. . .November 7, 1763
John Addoms & Mary Townsend. . .June 8, 1778
William Coe and Marth Addosm . . .John 17, 1787
Robbert Reeve and Mary Addoms. . .November 12, 1797
Jonas Smith Addoms and Rebecca Rogers  . . .March 17, 1804
Benjamin Mooers and Elizabeth Addoms . . . May 24, 1810
Jonathan Barlow and Pnebe Addoms. . .Novembe 17, 1812
Luther Hagar and Sarah Addoms August 25, 1812
John T. Addoms and Harriet Young . . .April 1, 1814
Lemuel Barlow and Charity Addoms. . .August 17, 1814
Horace Boardman and Harriet Addoms. . .March 21, 1821.

Richard Addoms. . .October 3, 1767
Richard Addoms. . .April 15, 1769
Charity (the wife of John Addoms) October 17, 1775
John Addoms, Jr. . .October 31, 1776
Phebe Addoms . . .July 9, 1784
Jonas Smith Addoms . . .Mary 6, 1804
Rebecca Addoms his wife. . .  1808
Elizabeth Mooers. . .January 22, 1818
Lemuel Barlow. . .March . . 1822
Charity Barlow. . .September ,. . 1823
Robert Reeve. . . . .1830.
            There are no further data in regard to the family of this officer or his wife, Mary Addoms.

This is a summary of the information in the folder. It appears to be a sort of way to organize the files and make a determination on the case.

            Mary Addoms—decd act 1836 NY
            Mary Adams declared Feby 7, 1837 in Clinton Co., N.York Aged 86
John was a Major in Continental Army from June 1778 & previous to the end of the ear.  Had Com’d of Artificers, who constructed the Chevaus de friezes in Hudson River—Superintended building barracks at Fishkill.  Resided in NY City—Entered service as Capt. About first of war.  Thinks promoted to Major before marriage.  Married June 8, 1778, died June 8, 1823.  Widow ever since.
Same-July 12 1837.  After marriage he provided for the troops—purchased boards for barracks—horses- cattle—provisions & necessaries for troops.  Stationed at Fishkill, 20 miles from our residence at Nine partners where I kept house—came home every fortnight.  Think he was Forage Master—I had 3 children, Polly, John T. & Phebe, before close of war in ’83.  Always wore a sword when he came home.  Was at W.Pt & Fishkill—mostly the latter—
            Jno. T. Addoms—declared, March 4, 1851, Clinton Col., NY son of John & Mary. She died Feby 7, 1839.  Leaving 6 children—namely John T. Addoms, Harriet Boardman-dead, Sarah Hager—dead, Charles Addoms, Phebe Barlow & Mary Reese – said 4 only surviving children.
            Certificate from State Department “That John Adams Esq. Superintendent of the Machanicks intheArmy” of the US in the Northern Department.  Took the oath of Allegiance Feby 3, 1778.  Certified by Maj. Genl. Alex McDougal at Fishkill May 11, 1778.
            Dr. of Payt to John Adams—Feby 18, 1783.  $1.45/90
            Do from State Dept—List of Offrs in Comm’y Genls of Mil’y Stores Depart—Apl ’80 signed Benj’m Flower Col. Agt Com’z Genl Military Stores—Officers at Boston”—John Adams Conductor M.J.
Memo—That pertinent papers destroyed at burning of War Office in 1800.
            An original return dated 21 May 1778, bears the name of John Addams Superintendent of the Carpenters.  50 Dollars for month.
            Return of the C.G.M. Stores Depar’t including Regt of Arty Artif’rs Nov. 28 1780 at Boston. 
John Adams Comd’r M. Stores Boston
April 1780 after having dismissed super numeraries & useless offr’s as far as had authority
John Adams Comd’r M. Stores May 24, 1780.
            Sr. J. B. Skinner testified Feb 8, ’37 Maj’r John died about 1823, Swears to widowhood of Mary.
Kinner Newcomb. Feb 8 ’37 aged 80 yrs.  First knew John in 1776 at Poughkeepsie.  I think was then Capt.—Believe afterwards promoted to Maj’r of Artificers—his family were at Nine Partners—called Maj. Addams at close of war.  Aff’t was with the Grand Army in Courtland’s Regt & don’t know when Adams was made Maj’r – think it must have been in ’77.  Always thought he served thro whole war—Have known him well since them.  Swears to death and to widowhood.  No doubt married in ’77—for his family was at Nine Partners that year—Thinks John T. was born in June 10, 1781 and Polly in April 1779—Thinks Major A had com’d of corps of Artificers at Poughkeepsie.
            Gertrude Hoffman – July 21, 1837 well knew Jno. & Mary in war. Shortly after its commence’t he was an officer in the army & called Captain.  Married at my father’s house (Philip VerPlanck) at Hopewell Dutchess Co. was present after marriage thinks he remained in the army until end of war &c.  Died in summer of 1823.  Mary still a widow.
            Harriet Boardman-July 24, 1837—swears to original family record.  Showing marriage June 8, 1778 (2d wife)
            Daniel Aman—Dutchess Co.—Aug 9, 1837 aged 80 yrs.  Knew Maj’r John A—from in ’77 to close of war—was reported to be an officer of the Army—He was in actual service in the Campaign of ’77-- at Peekskill, from March first to middle of June—to Deponents knowledge he frequently saw him with a detach’t under Genl Alex McDougal—called Major—Thinks he had before been in service on L.I. & at White Plains.  Was in served to close of war in Commissary Department at &c.
            Frederick Schnver—Well knew John Addoms of Nine Partners (Clinton) during Rev. War. Reported then as Major in the army so called &c.
            Nath’l Townsend—over 70 years old.  Lived near same place—John Addams married dept’s sister—When visiting his family during War, Maj A. wore uniform, sword, epaulettes—cocked hat.—cockade & the equipments of an officer of the rank of Major—It was matter of notoriety and undisputed that he did hold this rank.
            Saml Youngs—Jany 15, ’38 aged 77 in May last, Westchester Co.  Deponent was Lt in compy of Capt. Thos Hunt, Regt of Coll Fredk Wiesenfels in Rev War.  Also was guide on the lines in this co.  for the Cont’ Troops in ’78, - ‘9 & ’80.  While thus employed as guide—Frequently saw a Maj. Adams at the Head Qtrs of Genl McDougal.  Once Maj. A. rec’d some papers from Gen McD. Dressed in “Regimentals” once saw him at Gen’l Heaths Head Qtr.  Never saw him except in full military dress—was always addressed as Maj’r at both head Qrs.
            John A. Fellows.  Clinton Co. Sept ’38.  Was at West Pt in ’80—think Col. Koscinsko was Chief Engr—Saw Maj. Addams there when they were putting chain across the N. River.  He appeared to have command of the Artificiers employed there—believe wore the uniform of an off’r.  Knew him afterwards at Plattsburg.  Always called Maj Adams since I first knew him.
            Phebe Barlow – Schenectady Co.  Aug 12, 1839.
            Am positive have seen my father’s commissions.  They were on large parchments & scalloped at the top.  He had a cocked hat & sword at Plattsburg—Always understood were same he wore in Revol’n.  Always called Major since my earliest recollection.  He & mother always said he was Maj. Then.  Commissions &c put into pillowcase & lost.  He said he built the Chevarx de frieze on Hudson with 100 men under his command.  Grandmother said he was absent in service most of time from marriage to close of war.
            Nath’l Townsend (again) Co. of Queens—Nov 22—1843—Says he was 81 the 12th of last month.  Thro whole war Dept resided in Pequay Dutchess Co.  Sister Mary up to her marriage lived at the landing called Wapping’s Creek, in the family of Philip Verplank.  Soon after Mary was married to Maj Addams, dept saw them on visit to my brother John Townsend’s house at Pequay—Cohabited until Majr. A’s death—Dept was born Aug 1761 & the marriage was when he lacked about 2 mos. of 17 yrs. &c &c—saw him in uniform &c Capt. At Commenc’t of war, afterwards Maj.  Foreman of Artificers—building Barracks &c purchase of cattle &b horses—saw him on horseback with holder &c &c served to close of war.
            Benj’m H. Moores of GreenBay—Raised in Plattsburg.  John Addoms always reported to have been Maj. in Rev’y war.  High character of himself & widow.  Also of Kinner Newcomb who has been member of Legislature – Judge &c.
            Certis of Surrogate to Children Deaths &c.

            The Documentary proofs show that John Adams (or Addams—spelled both ways) was Superintendent of Mechanics onteh Hudson Feby 3d and May 21st 1778 (then Supt of Carpenters).  Pay $50 per month.
            Also, that a John Adams was a Comd’r of Military Stores at Boston in April & May 1780 and Nov’r 1780.
            Also, that a Mjr. Adams received for the 3 mos. of May, June & July 1782, 6 rations (I suppose 2 rations multiplied by the 3 months) which are enumerated as charged to him—this was on the Hudson.
            Also a pay’t to John Adams of NY made Feby 18, 1783 or $7.45/90
            The parol proof is that from about the commencement of the war Adams was an officers, earning the title of Capt.
            That he was promoted to the rank of Major a short time before his intermarriage with claimant, which was in June 1778 and continued in service with that rank to the close of the war.
            In 1776 & 7 was in service at Peekskill, Fishkill, White Plains & perhaps on L. Isd.  Had charge of hands, carpenters in constructing the Chevaus do Frieze across the Hudson (which was destroyed by Sir Henry Clinton) in Oct 1777.  In the years 1778-‘9 &’80 he was in service with the title of Major at head qrs. Of Genl’s McDougal and Heath. 
            That during some 2 years he was purchasing cattle & horse for the service.
            That he had a commission which was lost.  Witnesses intelligent and respectable.
            Maj. Genl McDougal was specially charged by Washington with perfecting the defences of the Hudson early in 1778.  See Journals of Con. Vol 2 p 476-488.
            & as appears, John Addams was on the staff of Genl McDougal, I suppose it would give him the rank of Major.  His name is not found as a Captain of Carpenters.
            I do not attach any weight to the certificate of the John Adams at Boston as the parol testimony tend sot negatives the idea of his having been there at the time certified.
            John died June 7 1823—widow died Feby 7, 1838.
            Upon production of a new certificate showing the date of the widows death, the number & names of the only children now surviving and administration—I advise the admission of the claim for 2 years service as Supt of Mechanics at $600 per annum.
            The chain and Chevaux defreeze were put across between Nov’r 76 when Washington retreated to N. Jersey and Oct ’77 when they were destroyed by the British.
            See Marshall’s life of Washington—also Gordon’s Hist. Vol. 2. Pp 555 &c.  From the magnitude of the works the construction must have occupied the most part of this interval.
            A resolution of congress of Feb. 3, 1778, Vol 2, P 427 “That every officer who now holds or shall hereafter hold a commission or office from Congress, shall take and subscribe the following oath or affirmation” (of Allegiance)
            Every officer now holding &c to take the Oath within 20 days after notification is p. 429. 
            It is certified by Genl McDougal that Addams took the oath on the day of its passage—this raising a strong presumption that he had been appointed previously and finding confirmation to the statements of the witnesses that he was in service as captain from 1776.
            It is immaterial whether his rank was that of Capt. Or Major—His pay in May ’78 was $50 per month.  He was Supt of the Mechanics in the army of the U.S. in the Northern Department, which I judge means that he had a general supervision of the corps—and his taking the oath of allegiance show his appointment from Congress.  The only question in regard to his rate of pay arises upon his service in 1777, which I admit was of an unknown duration tho the witness Newcom swears he saw him in service in ’76.
            The certificate of return of officers at Boston in 1780, seems to bear this construction.  That officers are included who were actually absent from Boston that place being the place of making returns.  In other words, those were so returned who were only constructively present.
            Administration seems to be impracticable.
            Date of widows death & no & names of only surviving children proved and certified.
            Admitted on advise of Commissioner.  $600 per annum from March 4, 1831 to February 7th 1839 when she died.  The four surviving children, John, Charles, Phebe, and Mary were the surviving children.

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