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Pension Application for Joseph Agard

New York
Private, Captain Eleazer Curtis, Colonel Goose VanSchaick, New York Line, 10 months. From December 1775 to January 1776.  Claim went to the House of Representatives because he was rejected, the note in his file says “Rejected, not on Continental Establishment—“.  Died Aug 25, 1836.
State of New York
Chenango county
            Joseph Agard of Smithville in the County of Chenango, State of New York and a citizen of the United States being duly sworn deposeth and saith that he entered into the service of his country in the war of the revolution in the month of December 1775 at Litchfield in the State of Connecticut under Capt. Ebenezer Curtis attached to Col. VanSchaick Regiment of the 1st Battalion of the New York Line and served ten months on the northern station and in Canada and discharged at Fort George in the State of New York.  That in December 1776 he again enlisted into a company commanded by Capt. Nathaniel Godewin attached to Gen. Persons Brigade of the Connecticut Line and served two months was taken sick and returned home.  And this deponent further saith that in 1777 he volunteered in the expedition of oppose Burgoyne and continued through the expedition.  And this deponent further saith that his circumstances are such that he needs the assistance of his country for support and further this deponent saith that he has lost his discharge [several words not legible].
            I hereby certify that the above deposition was sworn to and subscribed before me this 17th day of April 1818, and that I am acquainted with the deponent who is far advanced in life and I have no doubt of the correctness of his affidavit. Charles Josslyn, One of the Judges of Chenango Court.

Letter written in response for a request for information, dated July 10, 1934.
            The record of Joseph Agard is furnished herein as found in the papers on file in his claim for pension R.45179.
            Joseph Agard, of Litchfield, Connecticut, enlisted in said Litchfield about December 1, 1775, as private in Captain Eleazer Curtis’ company, marched in said company to Albany, joined Captain Martin’s company, Colonel G. VanSchaick’s New York regiment, served in that organization, was on the expedition to Canada, and was discharged at Fort George, length of service ten months; a part of the time he was a sergeant.  He enlisted sometime in December 1776 and served two months as private in Captain Nathaniel Goodwin’s Connecticut company; in 1777, he volunteered on the expedition against Burgoyne, length of this service and names of officers not show.
            He applied for pension April 17, 1818, at which time he resided in Smithville, formerly Green, Chenango County, New York.  His claim was allowed.
            In 1832, while residing in said Smithville, the soldier gave his age as seventy-five years, but he did not state the date or place of his birth, nor the names of his parents, his wife was then sixty-seven years of age, her name not shown.  He referred to his children; the only name designated was that of his son, George Agard.  Soldier died August 25, 1836.
            Noah Agard, soldier’s brother, resided in Catharine, Tioga County, New York in 1830; he served in the same company with Joseph Agard in the Revolutionary War.
            One Erastus Agard was living in 1821, no relationship to family stated.

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