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Pension Application for Thomas G. Alvord

W.16492 (Widow: Nancy.  Married 17th dAy of June 1783.)
Continental NY.  Gunner in the company commanded by Captain Thomas of the Regt commanded by Col. Lamb in the N. York Line.  Died June 23, 1835, of the complaint called “diobates”.
            For the purpose of obtaining the benefit of an act for the relief of certain surviving officers and soldiers of the Army of the Revolution approved on the 15th of May 1828, I Thomas G. Alvord of the Town of Homer in the County of Cortland, in the State of New York do humbly declare that I enlisted in the Continental Line of the Army of the Revolution, for and during the war, and continued in the service until its termination at which period I was a Gunner in Captain Josephas Company in the second New York Artillery Regiment of the New York Line and I also declare that I do not remember whether I received a Certificate for the reward of eighty dollars to which I was entitled under a Resolve of Congress passed the fifteenth day of May 1778 or not, but I declare that I was entitled to receive such certificate and the said reward of eighty dollars which I do not recollect of ever receiving, but may have commissioned for the same, with some agent or pretended agent of the United States,and further I declare that I was not on the fifteenth day of March 1828 on the pension list of the United States.  (Signed) Thomas G. Alvord

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