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Pension Application for David Anderson

Private, Captain McKean’s Company, Van Schaick’s Regiment.  One year 1777.
State of New York
Otsego County SS.
David Anderson of the Town of Cherry Valley in the said county of Otsego being duly sworn says that about the first day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred & seventy six he enlisted as a private soldier in a company commanded by Captain Robert McKeen & that he served in that company ten months & was then discharged the term of his enlistment having expired, that this company belonged to a regiment commanded by Colonel Wyncoop.  And that William Ehle whose affidavit is hereunto annexed & who this deponent believes is now on the pension list belonged to the same regiment and he further says that after his aforesaid discharge he again entered the service in the same company commanded by the same Captain Robert McKean in the month of January in the year one thousand seven hundred & seventy seven & that he served in that company more than nine months under his second enlistment & he thinks about one year.  That he then being unable to do duty on account of ill health he procured a substitute who was accepted in lieu of this deponent & who served during the war as this deponent has been informed & believes to be true.  He further says that during the aforesaid time of his last service the company of the said Robert McKean was attached to the Regiment of Col. VanSchaick, called the first New York Regiment of the New York Line on the Continental Establishment.  And that his said last enlistment was during the war but that he was obliged to leave the service on account of ill health as aforesaid.
            He further says that he is now sixty four years old, has no property except what is specified in the inventory hereto annexed and that he has a wife sixty years old & four children who now live at home with him & who now compose the whole of his family—That he has no income or means of support except what is derived from his labour—That his health & constitution are now greatly impaired & he is unable to labour except a small part of the time—He further says that he made his declaration on oath in the year one thousand eight hundred eighteen according to the existing law, but for some reason to this deponent unknown his name was not then put upon the pension list, that he then had no property & has had none since except as above mentioned, & that his situation in relation to property or the ability of maintain & support himself is now what it then was, has been during the meantime except infirmities of old age are now more severely felt & he is now much less able to labour for his support.  (Signed) David Johnson.
            Sworn in open court, in the court of common pleas of the County of Otsego in the State of New York, being a court of Record this fourth day of February 1824.  William Nichols, Clk.

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