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Pension Application for Abraham Arnold (or Abram)

W.23458 (Widow: Lorana)
State of New York
Ontario County SS.
            On this 28th day of January AD 1850 personally appeared before the Judge of the County Courts held in & for said County.  (Said Court being a Court of Record & now in session at Canandaigua in Said County ) Lorana Arnold a resident of the town of Gorham in said County aged seventy four years in June next, who being first duly sworn according to Law, doth on her oath make the following declaration in order to obtainthe benefit of the provision made by the act of Congress passed July 7th 1838, 3d March 1843, 17th June 1844 & 2e February 1848, grating half pay and pensions to widows of soldiers & officers who served in the war of the Revolution.  That she is the widow of Abraham Arnold deceased and who served as a private in the Revolutionary War, that her late husband the said Abraham Arnold resided at the time of the Revolution in the County of Rensselaer State of New York and as she has been informed & believes served as a private soldier one season in the war of the Revolution, under and in Col. Willett’s Regiment of New York State troops & she relies upon the evidence she expects to obtain & which will accompany this declaration for proof of the said services of her said husband’s services as aforesaid—that her maiden name was Lorana Sipperly and that she was married to her said husband in the month of March 1790 at Lansingburgh in the said County of Rensselaer State of New York, by a Justice of the Peace whose name she has forgotten in relation to him for fifty years past & that at the time of her marriage as aforesaid the said Justice was an old man—that she and her husband did in his life time keep a record of the names & Date of the births & Deaths of their children, the same having become old much torn and dilapidated the same was transcribed by a man then in the family, by & under the direction of her said husband & that such transcript is hereto annexed--& that the annexed testimony of Witness who was present & saw us married and on which she mainly relies in proof of her marriage as aforesaid that she knows of no public, private or documentary evidence of her said marriage except the accompanying proof.  – That her said late husband the said Abraham Arnold died at the town of Gorham in the said County of Ontario on the 23d day of May in the year 1825.—She further declares that she is still a widow, and has remained a widow ever since the death of her said husband as aforesaid.  That this application for a pension is the only one she ever made.  And prays that she may be allowed a pension on account of the services of her said husband as she is entitled & her proof may warrant.  (Signed with her mark)  Lorena Arnold
            Subscribed and Sworn to in open court this 28th day of February 1850.  Reuben Murray Jr. Clerk of Ontario County.

Paymaster of Col. Willet Regiment.
            Sr. Please to pay unto John VanRensselaer my wages due for my service in the Nine Months for the year 1781.  (Signed) Abram Arnold.  New City 7 October 1784.  Grays Co.

Family Record -- Births
Abram Arnold was born August 6th 1764
Lorena Cipperly was born June 15th 1775.
Peter C. Arnold as born December 25th 1791.
Sally Arnold was born June 15th 1793.
Isaac A. Arnold was born January 15th 1795.
Margaret Arnold was born March 17th 1797.
Deborah Arnold was born February 1st 1799.
Mary Ann Arnold was born May 25th 1803.
Aaron Arnold was born January 20th 1801
Alexander Arnold was born June 15th 1806.
Abram Arnold was born August 17th 1809.
Lorena Arnold was born Sept 17th 1811.
John Wesley Arnold was born March 9th 1816.
Family Record --  Marriages.
Alexander Arnold was Married April 2nd 1829 by the Rev. R. Brackit
Lorena Arnold was married January the 7th 1834 by the Rev. Mr. Strong
Abram Arnold was married Aug 9th 1832 by rev. Mr. Oston
            Lorena applied many times for the pension before being granted one.  In one of the later ones she stated she was a resident in the Town of Potter in the County of Yates for about one and a half years, and previous thereto she had reside in the adjoining town of Gorham in Ontario County for 40 years.

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