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Pension Application for Alexander Beatty

State of New York
Orange County
            On the Twenty Seventh day of April in the year One Thousand eight hundred and eighteen before me [subscriber?] being one of the Judges of the Court of common Pleas in and for the County of Orange aforesaid personally appeared Alexander Beaty aged Sixty Eight years [a] resident in New Windsor in said County of Orange and who being by me first duly sworn according to law doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the provision of the late act of Congress entitled an Act to provide for certain persons engaged in the land and naval service of the United States in the Revolutionary war.
            That he the said Alexander Beatty was in the month of June in the year 1776 Commissioned as a second Lieutenant in a Regiment of the New York line commanded by Coll. Levi Paulding (1) and served as such in a Company commanded by Capt. James Milliken (2) until the Month of August in the year 1777.  That this commission was given by the Convention of the State of New York that in  August 1777 he received a commission from the Governor of the State of New York as a second Lieutanant in the same company and that he was in the actual service of the United States from the month of July 1776 until the month of August 1777 and again from the first of October 1777 until the first of January 1778.  That he was in this time in the battle of White Plain (3) and at Fort Montgomery when it was captured by the Enemy.  That his commission have been lost and that he has no other evidence of his services now in his possession.  That he is now in reduced circumstances and stands in need of the assistance of his country for support.
(Signed)  Alexander Beaty (4)
            Sworn and declared to before me the twenty seventh day of April 1818.  John Blake one of the Judges of the Court of Common Pleas of Orange County.

Mamakating, October 1st, 1821
Dear Sir,
            The Administrator of my father’s Estate arrived home from your city this day—and informs me that you gave him positive proof of the service of the applicants at the close of the war.—To confirm them to the day of their discharge it will be uttermost with difficulty.  Some of their acquaintance is living that was with them in 1776, 1777 and 1778.  But afterwards got separated some taken prisoners some kill’d.  And some wounded and returned home and never met each other again Till after peace—this being the case it leave them in a very bad situation to prove the latter part of their service.  Henry Cramer and Ralph Schenk tell me that they were brought up in the same neighbourhood, went into the service in 1776.  Cramer was taken prisoner in 1777, then returned to the army again and was discharged at Fort Independence in 1783 when he was discharged in June 1783 at Snake Hill.  They arrived home about the same time and met together the same week and talked of their sufferings and of their discharge.  That they had obtained their discharge honourably this was their conversation on their first meeting which they will testify to.—Cramer expects that there is a man if living in Dutchess County that was discharged at the same time he was there he will endeavour to get his affidavit. Schenek does not know only one living that was with him.  All dead he believes that was acquainted with him at the time of his discharge.  I sent to Albany and have the records searched and prove everything to make it satisfactory to you—But as to my father the Alexander Beaty’s Claim, I am at a loss.  I have heard him at different times stating his service he entered the service in July 1776.  Was in the battle of the White Plains and Fort Montgomery.  I think in 1778 he was in the state of New Jersey on duty in 1778.  Was under col. Paulding in 1777, Col. Livingston and was shifted under different officers, James Clinton was his general at the close of the war, but he is dead and who his other officers was, I cannot say.  Information of this kind I can get from the living applicants, but from the dead none can be had.  If there is any other proof that will satisfy you that is in my power and you will be so good as to direct me by letter I shall consider it a favour ever to be remembered.
With respect your Obt. Hbl. Svt.  (Signed) Obadiah Beaty.

Mamakating September
Dear Sir,
            Agreeable to your directions the letter of administration has been provided.  The heirs of my fathers estate relinquished to Cornelius Knight.  To whom the letters were granted this day—he being desirous of serving the country and being at a loss to know who to sign the declaration as an administrator.  We have thought most proper to send the papers by the administrator himself—he being present can then act under your immediate directions—The evidence that turns to be required by your letter may be from General repute and belief.—I being a connection I felt delicate in acting as a magistrate in taking affidavits I have procured Reuben Twelligars as to the time of my father death and as to General  repute and his belief.  Which was taken before Esqr. Stan and have been advised since by Major Sears to take his but not in time to have it certified—and as it could not  injure I find it together with one of James Humphrey from the Western part of the State but it has not come properly authenticated—W. Knight the bearer hereof can be further proof (if necessary) as to the time of my fathers death and as to General repute and his belief of his service as an officer in the Continental line of the army of the Revolutionary War.
            With respect your Obt Svr
            Obadiah Beaty
            Before me. Obadiah Beaty a Justice of the Peace in the County of Sullivan in the State of New York personally appeared Major Elnathan Sears of the Town of Mamakating County and State aforesaid and made oath that Alexander Beaty late of said town now deceased was an officer in the Continental line of the army of the revolution.  That he done duty under him—and further declares that after he returned from his time of being prisoner he went on to the northern frontier under different officers but always understood that he was in the service as above stated until the close of the war.  Witness my hand this 26th 1828—(Signed) El Nathan Sears. (5)
            Subscribed and Sworn this 26th day of Febr 1828.  Obadicah Beaty, Justice of the Peace.

End Notes

  1. Alexander does not appear on the rolls of Colonel Levi Pawling’s Third Regiment of Ulster County Militia.
  2. First Lieutenant James Millican [Mulligan etc.] in Captain Cadwalder C. Colden’s Seventh Company in Colonel James McCaughrey’s Second Regiment of Ulster County.  He was later promoted to Captain and was killed at Fort Montgomery on the 6th of October 1777.
  3. The Battle of White Plains was fought on the 28th of October 1776.
  4. Alexander is listed as a Second Lieutenant in Captain William Tilford’s Ninth Company [New Windsor Precinct] in Colonel McClaughrey’s Regiment.  Appointed 25 October 1775 and re-appointed on the 3 March 1778.
  5. Elnathan Sears served as a private in Colonel McClaughrey’s Regiment.

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