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Pension Application for Joshua Brooks

R.22013 (Widow, Sarah)
B.L. Wt. 16269-160-55 (granted 160 acres Feb. 1856)
State of Massachusetts
County of Middlesex
            On this first day of May A.D. 1855 personally appeared before me, a Justice of the Peace in and for the said County, Sarah Brooks aged Eighty five years, a resident of Lincoln in said County who being duly sworn according to law, was a private in the Company commanded by Captain [printed form with space provided, but no entry] in the war with Great Britain, that her said husband was drafted or enlisted at Lincoln on our about the [blank space] day of [blank space] A.D. 17[blank] for the term of not really known and continued in actual service in the said war for the term of time not known, but thinks in all he was out over two years, and was honorably discharged at, place not know on or about the [blank] day received no printed or written discharge, and that neither he nor she ever received or applied for, or is entitled to bounty land for any other service, that she has often heard her said husband speak of his being at the taking of Burgoyne and several other places such as the 19th April 1775, and at Cambridge.
            She further states that she was married to the said Joshua Brooks in Lincoln in said County on the third day of October 1793, by Charles Stearus a clergyman and that he name before her said marriage was Sarah Davis that her husband died at Lincoln on the Eighth day of November 1825, that she is still a widow, that she makes this declaration for the purpose of obtaining the bounty land to which she may be entitled under the act of Congress passed March 3, 1855, and that she prayes that the certificate thereof may be sent to Horatio Woodman, Boston, Mass.  (Signed) Sarah Brooks
            Subscribed and duly sworn to, the day and year first above written.  I certify that she is the identical person above described.  I have no interest in the case.  J.B. Farmer, Justice of the Peace.

State of Massachusetts, County of Middlesex, Town of Lincoln (a) copy of the church records kept in the town of Lincoln by Rev. Charles Starus DD for the time Clerk of the church.
            “Marriages—Ensign Joshua Brooks to Miss Sally Davis both of Lincoln.  Oct. 3d 1793.”  Wm. C. Jackson, Church clerk.

Letter in the pension folder, inquiring about service record, dated August 31, 1811.
            In reply to your undated letter, received on the 30th instant, you are advised that the Revolutionary War records show that one Sarah Brooks applied for pension (R. File 22,013) on account of the services of her husband Joshua Brooks, in said War.
            The original papers are not on file in this Bureau, but from copies of official correspondence relative thereto, it appears, that the evidence filed did not connect him with the service certified by the town clerk of Lincoln, i.e. three years, rank not stated, or by the Secretary of State of Massachusetts, i.e. 1 mo. 10 days Sergt., five days Corporal, 1 month fourteen days Private, which was not sufficient to entitle her to pension, the minimum requirement being six months.
            The marriage record showed that one Joshua Brooks and Miss Sally Davis were married October 3, 1793, but the claim was rejected on the ground of insufficient proof of service, marriage, death of the soldier and identity of his widow.
            In order to identify a claim for pension which may have been filed on account of the service of Daniel wood, in addition to his full name, your should furnish some of the following data: names of some officers under whom he served, places of residence at enlistment and after discharge, approximate dates of birth and death, given name of his widow.
            This Bureau has no record of services rendered prior to the Revolution.

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