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Pension Application for John Brooks

Awarded pension of $80.00 per annum
Transcribers note:  This pension has so much ink bleed through from the back of the pages, I can’t read it.  The only legible part is the letter of inquiry dated September 9, 1937
            Reference is made to your letter in which you request the Revolutionary War record of John Brooks, a pensioner from Onondaga County, New York.
            The data furnished herein were obtained from papers on file in pension claim, S. 23137, based upon the military service of John brooks in the War of the Revolution.
            John brooks was born June 4, 1759, place not stated, nor were the names of his parents given.
            While a resident of Salem, Westchester County, New York, John Brooks volunteered about the middle of August, 1775, served as a private in Captain Joseph Benedict’s company, Colonel Holmes’ New York regiment; was in the siege of St. Johns, Canada, from there went to Montreal, length of service five months and fifteen days.  He enlisted sometime in April, 1778, served nine months in Captain Henry Slasson’s company, Colonel Drake’s New York Regiment, and was in the retreat from New York.  He enlisted in the spring of 1777, served in captain Henry Slasson’s company, Colonel Joseph Benedict’s New York regiment, was in the battle of Danbury, length of this service not definitely stated.  He enlisted sometime in August, 1778, served three months in Captain Richard Sacket’s company, Colonel Thomas Thomas’ New York regiment.  He served as minute man in 1779, 1780, 1781, and 1782, three months each year in Captain David Pardee’s company, Colonel Crane’s New York regiment, guarding the inhabitants from the incursions of the Tories, and was in several skirmishes, one at Pound Ridge, one at “Crum Pond”, and one at Tuckahoe, all in Westchester County, New York.
            John Brooks continued to live in Salem, New York, about seven years after the Revolution, when he moved to Ballston, new York, lived one year, then to Amsterdam, New York, lived about seven years, and then to Onondaga, Onondaga County, New York.
            He was allowed pension on his application executed September 25, 1832, then a resident of Onondaga, New York.
            The papers on file in this claim contain no reference to wife or children of the soldier, John Brooks.  His brother, Michael Brooks, was referred to as living during the Revolution.

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