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Pension Application for John Brower

Awarded $60.00 per annum
The Supplemental Declaration of John Brower in addition to, and explanatory of his former one, made, subscribed and sworn to the 16th July 1832.
            On the 10 Nov’r 1832 before the Justices Court of the City of Albany, in open court, personally appeared John Brower, and made Solemn Oath, according to Law, that he was in the service of the United States, in the course of the Revolutionary War, for a period of full three years, and in the following Specified years, to wit:
            In 1776 enrolled as a private in Capt. Joraleman’s (1) Company of Col. Lansing’s Regt of militia, and marched from Albany to Lake George, time of Service, five weeks.
            In 1777, he was enlisted, and after being Sworn, was mustered by John Lansing, Junr Aid de camp to Major Genl Philip Schuyler, in front of his mansion house, to serve as a private and First Serve as such for twelve months: & during this year, was engaged at Saratoga Lake, Fort Miller & Albany.  In 1778, he was, under any order of Col. Lansing of the Albany reg. of militia, marched with the company of whom the Nich Joraleman was Captain of Derick Hilton Lieut. to Schoharie and served for one month and more” & in the same year with the whole regt in Col. Cuyler, to Schoharie for five weeks.  In 1779 he was drafted out of Capt. Joraleman’s company and marched under the Command of Capt. Gerrit Groesbeeck,(2) and Lieut G.W. Van Schaick (3) (afterwards Cashier of the Albany Bank) to Fishkill and served in this year 3 months.
            In 1780, he marched to Fort Plain, under Capt. Nicholas Mecselis (4) in the month of July, out in service four weeks; also in the same year to Saratoga, four weeks, also, marched to Stone Arabia under the same Capt. As before, out in Service, and on duty, five weeks.  In the course of this year, he was also on duty in executing the commands of his superior officers, in relation to the apprehension of disaffected persons in the Southwesterly and westerly part of the County of Albany, for which the Commissioners of Conspiracy had authority by law to cause such apprehensions to be made, this service and service of the like kind continued to be performed by this Declarer for the Succeeding year 1781, in which he this declarer was occasionally ordered by Capt. Merselis to apprehend and bring before the commissioners aforesaid, all such suspected and disaffected persons, as they should direct to be brought before them, to answer the charges against them until he this Declarer was ordered to march with the Captain (Merselis) and his company together with the whole regiment (Cuylers) to Stillwater; which march was accordingly performed under the immediate command of Col Abraham Cuyler, and having arrived there and been detained two or three days, were marched back again to the City of Albany;  tour this, of twelve days: and also that this Declarer in the same year 1781, pursuant to orders of Brigadier Genl Abm Ten Broeck, then Brigadier General of the Brigade of Militia (5) in the County of Albany, was employed to impress horses and wagons for the public use, in all a period of thirty days.—And this Declarer will here, in this supplemental declaration, add as a further Service performed by him as a Revolutionary Solider, that from the year 1776 to the year 1782 inclusive, when the was not marching to the Northern or Western frontiers with the militia, performing military duty he was obliged to mount guard with the rest of the company to which he belonged to mount guard with the rest of the company to which he belonged or was attached, within the City of Albany, which independent of its being itself frontier, and much exposed to the Enemy, was the place of deposit, in which the public was like—Stores and the property were from time to time collected, and from thence forwarded to different places, both by land and water; in which duty, not herein nor in his former declaration, taken into calculation (other than by the word “upwards” this declarer served Eighteen months—and for all the Services Stated in this and his former declaration, he claims a pension, during life, which he has reason to apprehend will not be long procrastinated.  (Signed) John Brower
            Subscribed & sworn to the day & year aforesaid,   John G. Wasson, clk.

End Notes—John Brower—S28651

  1. Captain Nicholas Joraleman in Colonel Jacob Lansing Jr.’s Regiment of Albany County Militia [First Regiment].
  2. Captain Groesbeck in Colonel Lansing’s Regiment.
  3. Second Lieutenant Garret W. Van Schaick in Colonel Lansing’s Regt.
  4. Captain Nicholas Merselius (Marselius, lMercellus, etc.)  in Colonel Abraham Cuyler’s Regiment, Colonel Lansing had resigned and Colonel Cuyler was commissioned Colonel on March 3, 1780 of the First Regiment.
  5. Abraham Ten Broeck was appointed June 25, 1778 Brigadier General and he resigned on March 26, 1781.

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