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Pension Application for John C. Brower

Pension awarded $30.00 per annum
Dutchess County SS
            On this twenty seventh day of September one thousand eight hundred and thirty two personally appeared in open court, before the Judges of the Court of Common Pleas in and for the County of Dutchess now sitting John. C. Brower a resident of the town of Poughkeepsie in the County of Dutchess and State of New York aged seventy three years who being first duly sworn according to law doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress passed June 7, 1832 was born at the White Plains in the County of Westchester & State of New York in the year one thousand seven hundred and fifty nine and that his father removed to Poughkeepsie as he this deponent was informed when he was a child at which said place he has resided since the revolutionary war and still resides at Poughkeepsie aforesaid and volunteered as a solider in the Revolutionary War at Poughkeepsie, in the year 1776, for the term of three months and went to Fort Consititution on the east of the Hudson River and there remained & was duly discharged, but has not any written discharge nor never had—And this deponent further saith that he again volunteered as a soldier in the year 1780 for the term of three months at Poughkeepsie aforesaid and went from Poughkeepsie to West Point and from thence to Stoney Point, and from thence to Haverstraw, and from thence to Dobbs Ferry and from thence he returned to Fishkill and from thence he went to Albany by water, and from thence to Schenectady & from thence up the Mohawk river to Fort Plain & from thence to Fort Herkimer and from thence to Fort Stanwix & from thence returned to Fort Herkimer and then remained until the expiration of the said three months, and returned to Albany & from  thence returned with prisoners to Poughkeepsie with Major Elias Ben Benschouten and then was discharged but have not any written discharge and this deponent further saith that in the year 1777 at the time of alarms in the taking of Fort Montgomery he was called from Poughkeepsie and was in the service four months and lay at Gallows Hill under the command of General Putnam, Colonel John Fuar?, Captain Bernardus Swartwout and returned and was discharged but has not any written discharge nor never had--  And this deponent further saith that in the year 1777 he was drafted as a soldier for the term of three months at Poughkeepsie and went from thence to the Plancks Point and remained there for one month on duty as a soldier under Lieutenant Lawson and was then discharged but had not any written discharge.  And this deponent further saith that in the year 1779 he volunteered as a soldier for the term of one half month and went to West Point from Poughkeepsie and from thence he returned and was discharged but not any written discharge—and this deponent saith that in the last year aforesaid he went as a substitute for one John Bell to West Point and then remained – soldier for the term of one half month under the command of [?] officer as a [?] and was then discharged & returned home to Poughkeepsie but had not any written discharge. 
            And this deponent further said that the names of the file officers were Colonel DuBois, Major Elias Van Benschouten, and Lieutenant Utley were the principal officers and that he belonged to the state troops in the State of New York and I would name John L. Myers Ensign & Isaac Be. Rook of the town of Poughkeepsie in said County as persons in his [part of line missing] acquainted with him and will testify to his character for truth & veracity and belief of my services as a soldier of the Revolution and that he has no documentary evidence and that he knows of no other persons that can provide who can testify to he service except Charles Brown, Isaac B. Wood whose affidavits hereunto annexed—and that he relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension or annuity except the present & declares his name is not on the Pension Roll of the Agency of any state—and that he has a record of his age in his common prayer book of the Episcopal Church for of service.  (Signed) John C. Brower
            Sworn September 27th 1832 and subscribed in open court.  Henry C. Fower, Clerk

Letter of inquiry dated June 15, 1925, in the pension folder.
            In response to your letter of the 13th instant, I have the honor to advise you that from the papers in the Revolutionary War pension claim S.14989 it appears that John C. Brower was born in 1759 in White Plains, Westchester County, New York and while a child, removed with his father to Poughkeepsie, Dutchess County, New York.  The name of his father is not given.
            While living in said Poughkeepsie he enlisted in December 1776 and served three months in Captain Bernardus Swarthout’s New York Company.
            He enlisted in 1777 and served one month in Captain Barnardus Swarthout’s Company, and again in the fall of the same year and served one month under Lieutenant Lawson in the New York Troops.
            In 1779 he served two tours of two weeks each, at West Point.
            He enlisted in the summer of 1780 and served three months in Captain McKinstry’s Company, Colonel Duboys’ New York Regiment.  All of the above named service as a private.
            He was allowed pension on his application executed September 27, 1832 while a resident of Poughkeepsie, New York.
            There is not data on file as to his family, except the reference to his father.  It is not stated that he ever lived in Kentucky.
            The above noted is the only soldier John Brower of Dutchess County, New York found on the Revolutionary War records of this Bureau.

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