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Pension Application for John Brown

N.Y. S17301
State of Connecticut      SS Stamford Probate District Fairfield County
            On this 28th day of July 1832 Personally appeared in open Court before the Court of Probate for said District now in Session, John Brown a resident of Darian in said State, County & district aged seventy years & upwards, who being first duly Sworn according to Law doth on his Oath make the following Declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress passed June 7th1832, viz, that he  was born at Stamford, Fairfield County, Connecticut on the 24th of Augt 1761 - That when he was about twelve years of age his Father removed, with his family, from said Stamford to Salem, Westchester County & State of New York & from there shortly afterwards to New Stamford in the last mentioned State in 1777 The Indians drove the Settlers of New Stamford into the neighborhood of the forts at Schoharie in this,year the deponant enlisted the service of the United States at Schoharie & enlisted into a Company commanded by Capfc John Harper, Lieutenants Alexr Harper &  Joseph Bartholomew (who as believes are all dead) for five, six or seven months, the precise term of his enlistment he does not remember - he served out the time of his enlistment & was discharged - On the 1st of April 1778 he enlisted for nine months under Lieutenant John Teats, who had Command of thirty men, during this campaign the Declarant with the command to which he was attached drew thirty days provisions & went under the Command of Col Butler of the 4th Pensylvania Regt to the Susquehannah & burnt three Indian villages viz Unadilla, Anaguagua & Tuskorora as he believes the village was then called, - he served out the term of his enlistment & was discharged & on the 1st of April following, viz, 1779 he again enlisted under Lieut Jacob Hager for the term of nine months & went into the Fort at Cobus Kill during this enlistment our thirty men had a new Officer to command us every month I remember some of the names, viz, Lieut John Teats (who drew our pay) Lieut Snider, Lieut Borst - during this enlistment I went under the offer of Genl Clinton, to join the army of Gen1 Sullivan - we went down the Susquehannah to Tioga Point from thence to Chemung Branch & attacked & took a fort we had thirty six men wounded & four killed there was but three or four of our Company went on this expedition - I returned & joined my Company at Cobus Kill served out the term of my enlistment & was discharged by Lieut Froman on the 1st of Jany 1780 I Lay in the Middle Fort through the winter & on the 7th April of the same year, my Father (David Brown), my two Brothers, viz Soloman & Doctor & myself with seven others of our neighbors were taken by the Indians & others under Col Brant & were carried Prisoners into Canada, first to Niagara from thence to Montreal, from which place we were sent onto an Island in the St. Lawrance for safe keeping as Prisoners of War where I remained until the 9th day of June 1782 when I swam from the Island made my escape in company with Lieut Butterfield of Col. Willetts Regt & made the best of our way to Albany & arrived there after being fifteen days in the woods - We made an immediate complaint to Col Willett (who was then at Albany) of the Treatment of the American Prisoners then in Canada to which we made oath in ________of Col Willett & I believe he administered the oath on account of which I shortly fterward saw published in News Papers I immediately returned to Stamford my native Place where my Mother & the remainder of the Family had previously gone In March 1783 I again went to Schoharie & remained there two years then returned to Stamford where I have ever since resided except only about three years when I resided in New York two days after we were taken by the Indians as stated above we were sold from my Father who I afterward learnt was killed by the Indians five or six days after we were taken- He knows of no person within two Hundred Miles of this who has any Knowledge of his Service _____ it from Reputation he refers to Revd Daniel Smith a Clergyman living about two miles from him & Ezra H Bishop who lives about twenty rods from him who will testify to his_______for bounty For the Campaign of 1779 when they took the Fort the Declarant marched in the van guard in company with the Riflemen who were commanded by Major Parr ________ He hereby relinguishes every claim whatever to a Pension or annuity except the present & declares that his name is not on the Pension roll of the agency of any state      
            Sworn & subscribed the day & year aforesaid   
(Signed with his mark) John Brown
Ch Hawler Judge
            We Daniel Smith a Clergyman residing in said Stamford & Ezra H Bishop residing in said Darian hereby certify that we are well acquainted with John Brown who has subsribed & sworn to the aboe Declaration That we believe him to be seventy years of age that he is reputed & believed in the neighborhood where he resides & have been a soldier of the Revolution & that we concur in that opinion.
            Sworn & subscribed the day & year aforesaid
Daniel Smith, Ezra H Bishop
Ch Hawler Judge   
            ________ Court do hereby declare their opinion after the ________ the matter  & after consulting his interrogations prescribed by the War Department that the above named applicant was a Revolutionary soldier & served as he states and the Court further certifies that it appears to them that Daniel Smith who has signed the proceeding certificate is a Clergyman resident in the Town of Hampton in the State of Connecticut & that Ezra H Bishop who has also signed the same is a resident in the Town of Darian in said State & is a credible person & that his Statement is entitled to credit.
Ch Hawler Judge

               I Samuel Lockwood Clerk of this Court of Probate in the District of Hampton in the State of Connecticut Do hereby certify this ________  contains the original proceeding of the said Court in the matter of the application of John Brown for a pension Testimony whereof I have hand & seal of office this 31st Day of July 1832
Sam1 Lockwood Clk
            State of Connecticut SS Stamford Probate District June 13th 1833 Personally appeared John Brown the forgoing Declarant before the Court of Probate for said District in applicant who being first duly sworn according to Law says in explanation of his original Declaration wherein he has stated that he enlisted on the 1st of April 1778 for nine months, under Lieut John Teats he supposed to be the true spelling of the name as that  is the pronounciation of the name to this day, but he has since learned by going into that country for further proof that the name is spelt "Dietz" He further states that he has ever understood that they who were taken Prisoners with him by the Indians have received their pay for the time they were detained as Prisoners in Canady but he has received nothing now having applied for it - John Brown
                Sworn & subscribed the Day & year aforesaid
Ch Hawler Judge

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