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Pension Application for George Cadman

W.17592  (Widow: Desire)
BL. Wt.28661-160-55 [Bounty Land Warrant]
Awarded pension $43.33 per annum.
State of New York
County of Montgomery SS.
            On this twentieth day of September in the year of our Lord 1832, personally appeared in open court before the Judges of the court of Common Pleas of said county, now sitting George Cadman, a resident of the Town of Mayfield, in the aforesaid county and state, aged seventy one years, who being first duly sworn according to law, doth, on his oath make the following declaration, in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress passed June 7, 1832—that he entered the service of the United States under the following named officers, and served as herein stated—That while he was residing in Spencertown then in the County of Albany & State aforesaid (now Austerlitz, County of Columbia in said State) in the year 1777 about the first of December, he was drafted into the service for 5 months and served in the company of Capt. McConnagil, (1) & Lieut. Barns, travelled to Albany in company with others of his neighbors who were drafted, and joined said company there—the regiment he thinks was commanded by Col. Alden; (2) That he continued in said company and Regiment at Albany in the U.S. Service until about the first of May 1778 when at the expiration of his five months service, he was verbally discharged by his said Captain and returned home.  While Stationed at Albany they had Prisoners to take care of, and towards the end of said term he with said company Marched to Hartford in Connecticut with about one hundred & fifty Prisoners—That about the first of August 1778 he was again drafted for two months, and with a considerable number of others travelled on foot to Cherry Valley, in the State aforesaid, and there joined Capt. Graves’s Co. (3) in Col. Alden’s (4) Regiment—and continued there and about there frequently going out on Scouting parties, till the expiration of his said two months, when he was discharged by his captain as before, and returned home.
            That he was again drafted in May 1779 for two months and travelled to Schoharie in said State, and joined the Co. of Capt. Mallory (5) & Lieut. Reynolds, does not remember what Regiment or the name of the Col. served out his time of two months there, and was discharged by his Capt. As before.  That he was again drafted in September 1779 for three months, under Capt. Barrott,(6) in Col. or Major McKinstry’s (7) Regiment, and went to Fishkill and continued there to prevent the passage of the enemy up the river, till the expiration of his said term of three months when he was discharged verbally with the rest of his company by their Capt. Barrott—That as he is informed & believes, he was born in the Town of Dartmouth in the State of Rhode Island on the seventh day of October 1760, has a record of his age in his house.  That he was living with his father in Spencertown when he was drafted into the service as aforesaid, resided there till sometime after the close of the Revolutionary War, then removed to the adjoining town of New Canaan, resided there several years, then removed to the Royal Grant, resided there three years, then removed to the town of Milton in the County of Saratoga, resided there about six year, then to Providence in said County resided there about seven years, then removed to the Town of Mayfield in the County of Montgomery where he now resides and has resided for the last seven years; and that Aaron Seamans, Elisha Potter and Colbus Odell are persons to whom his is known in his present neighborhood, and who can testify as to his character for veracity and of their belief of his services as a Soldier of the Revolution.
            He hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension or annuity except the present, and declares that his name if not on the pension roll of the agency of any State.  (Signed)  George Cadman
            Sworn to and subscribed this day and year aforesaid.  Geo. D. Ferguson, Clerk
State of New York
Saratoga County SS.
            On this eighth day of May Eighteen hundred & forty three personally appeared before me Uriah Cornell, a Justice of the Peace in & for the County aforesaid, Desire Cadman a resident of the town of Providence in said County aged Seventy Seven years who being first duly sworn according to law doth on her oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the provision made by the Act of Congress passed July 7, 1838 entitled “An Act granting half pay & pension to certain widows.”  That she is the widow of George Cadman who was a Soldier in the revolutionary army & a Pensioner under act 7 June 1832 at $43.33 per annum.  She further states that she was married to the said George Cadman in the year Seventeen hundred & Eighty Eight but cannot state the month, and that her husband the aforesaid George Cadman died on the tenth day of January Eighteen hundred & thirty nine—that she was not married to him prior to his leaving the service but the marriage took place previous to the first of January Seventeen hundred & ninety four viz, at the time above stated—She further states that her surname previous to her marriage was Beebe and that she was married in Columbia County State of New York--& refers for proof of her marriage to the papers sent in by Mr. Abram Morrell in 1840 on her application for a pension at that time—She further states that the annexed leaf or memorandum cut out of her family Bible contains the time of the births of her children & was made about thirty years ago by one Mr. Sherman as she never learned to write.  (Signed with her mark) Desire Cadmon
            Sworn to & subscribed on the day & year above written before me “thirty” interlined & “twenty” erased before signing.  Uriah Cornell Justice of the Peace.
Page from the family Bible.
George Cadman born October 7th 1760.
Desire Cadman his wife born November 19th 1765.
The births of their children are as follows, viz.
            Edward Cadman was born November 13th on Monday 1788.
            Rebekah Cadman born December 20th Sunday 1789.
            Roxy Cadman born June 13th Monday 1791.
            Synthy Cadman born February 10th Sunday 1792.
            George Cadman born October 13th Monday1794.
            Polly Cadman born June 23rd Sunday 1796.
            Samanthy Cadman born April 13th Friday 1798.
            Lavina Cadman born October 9th Thursday 1799.
            Avis Cadman born April 8th Friday 1801.
            Russell Cadman born October 8th Sunday 1803.
            Betsy Cadman born September 8th Saturday 1804.
            Hannah J. Cadman born January 30th Saturday 1807.
            Luther Cadman born January 18th Thursday 1809.
Reply to a letter of inquiry dated March 31, 1933.
            Reference is made to your letter in which you request the records of Joseph, John, Daniel, William, and George Cadman or Codman.
            Revolutionary War data furnished by this office are obtained from claim for pension and bounty land which have been made to the United States based upon service in that war.
            A careful search of the Revolutionary War records has been made in your behalf and no claims for pension or bounty land found based upon service in that war of any of the above named soldiers except George Cadman.  His record is given below as found in the claim for pension, W.17592, based upon his service in the Revolutionary war.
            George Cadman was born October 7, 1760, in Dartmouth Rhode Island.  (In handwriting:  Found this in R.I. Town & Township.  [Dartmouth])
            While residing in Spencertown, a part of which was called Hillsdale, Albany County (later Austerlitz, Columbia County), New York, with his father, whose name is not given, he enlisted and served as a private with the New York Troops as follows: from December 1, 1777, five months in Captain McConnagil’s Company, Colonel Alden’s (probably meant for Van Alen) Regiment: from about August 1, 1778, two months in Captain Graves’ Company, Colonel Alden’s Regiment, from May, 1779, two months in Captain Mallory’s Company, and from September, 1779, three months in Captain Barrett’s Company under Major McKinstry.
            After the Revolution, he moved from Spencertown, New York, to the adjoining town of New Canaan, where he resided for several years; thence to Royal Grant, resided there for three years; thence to Milton, Saratoga County, and resided about six years; thence to Providence, (In handwriting: Found all of these towns except Royal Grant) Saratoga County, where he lived for seven years; thence to Mayfield, Montgomery county.  The state is not given for any of the above towns.
            George Cadman was allowed pension on his application executed September 20, 1832, while residing in Mayfield, New York, where he had then lived for seven years.
            He died January 3, 1839, in said Mayfield.
            The soldier married January 10, 1785 or 1788 (both dates appear in the papers in the claim), Desier or Desire Beebe, who was born November 19, 1765, place not stated.
            Soldier’s widow, Desire, was allowed pension on her application executed January 21, 1840, while residing in Mayfield, New York, where she was still living in 1855.
            The had the following children:
            Edward Cadman was born November 1_, 1788  (day of month blurred).
            Rebekah Cadman born December 20, 1789.
            Roxy Cadman born June 13, 1791.
            Synthy Cadman born February 10, 1792.
            George Cadman born October 13, 1794, in 1843, was living in Saratoga County, New York.
            Polly Cadman born June 23, 1796.
            Samanthy Cadman born April 1_th Friday 1798. (Day of month blurred)
            Lavina Cadman born October 9th 1799.
            Avis Cadman born April 8th Friday 1801.
            Russell Cadman born October 8th 1803, in 1840, one Russell Cadman was a resident of Northhampton, New York.
            Betsy Cadman born September 8 1804.
            Hannah J. Cadman born January 30th 1807.
            Luther Cadman born January 18th 1809, in 1843, one Luther Cadman was a resident of Mayfield, New York.
            The name, Margaret H. Cadman appears in 1843; no relationship to soldier shown.
            In 1839, the widow’s brother, John Beebe, lived in Austerlitz, New York.
            There are no further data as to family.

End Notes: George Cadman W17592

  1. I haven’t found a Captain McConnagil serving in the New York Militia.  I have McGonnegal in the regiment but the highest rank was a sergeant.
  2. All the services George relates were while he served as a private in Colonel Peter Van Ness’ Regiment of Albany County Militia (Ninth Regiment)
  3. Captain Jonah Grave, First Lieutenant Charles McArthur, Second Lieutenant William Tigner, Ensign Elijah Bement all in Colonel Van Ness’ Regiment.
  4. Colonel Ichabod Alden of the Sixth Massachusetts Continental Regiment.  Colonel Alden was in command at Fort Alden, Cherry Valley where George performed his militia duty.
  5. I haven’t found anything on Captain Mallory and Lieutenant Reynolds.  There is a Jonathan Reynolds who served as a Lieutenant in Colonel Van Ness’ Regiment.
  6. Captain Bartholomew Barret, First Lieutenant Abner Kellogg, Second Lieutenant Daniel Barnes, and Ensign John Mattoon.  On February 6, 1779, Jonathan Reynolds Junior was commissioned Second Lieutenant in Captain Barret’s Company as Lieutenant Barnes was cashiered.
  7. Major John McKinstry of Colonel Van Ness’ Regiment.

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