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Pension Application for Duncan Campbell

B.L.Wt.345-200Lieut in Livingston’s Regt.  Issued Mar 29, 1792.  Also recorded as above under B.L.Wt2447.
            His name appears on a list of applicants for invalid pension returned by the District Court for the District of New York submitted to the House of Representatives by the Secretary of War on December 31, 1794, and printed in the American State Papers Class 9, pages 144 and 172.
            Rank: Lieutenant
            Regt: Colonel Livingston’s (1)
            Disability: Wounded in his right leg in an engagement with the British Troops.
            When and where disabled: October or November 1777 Behmus’s Heights (2)
            Residence: New York
            Remarks: Sick in Albany from July 20, 1777 to February 7, 1779
            Evidence perfect, except that the degree of his disability is not precisely mentioned.
            On page 172 it is stated that the evidence had been completed.
            On the list of Invalid Pensioners on the roll of the New York Agency whose residence, etc. could not be ascertained in consequence of the destruction of papers in 1800 & 1814 appears: Duncan Campbell, Lieutenant Army of Revolution, (3) $80.00 per annum, commenced Sept. 4, 1794.  Act Apr. 20, 1796, died Jan 4, 1807. 
Reply to a letter of inquiry dated May 23, 1925.
            I have to advise you that from the records of this Bureau it appears that Duncan Campbell was a Lieutenant in Colonel Livingston’s New York Regiment in the War of the Revolution, and was wounded in his right leg in October 1777 in the battle of Bemis Heights.
            He was allowed pension from September 4, 1794 on account of disability resulting from said wound.  He died January 4, 1807.
            There is no further data on file as to his services and no data as to his family, owing to the destruction of papers in such claims when the British burned Washington in 1814.

End Notes

  1. Duncan was appointed Second Lietuenant in Captain Dirck Hansen’s (Hanson, etc.] Company on December 17, 1776 in Colonel James Livingston’s Continental Regiment (First Canadian).
  2. Duncan is listed in some sources as being wounded on September 18, 1777, commonly called the first Battle of Saratoga, Stillwater Battle, etc.  The Battle of Bemis Heights usually refers to the October 7, 1777 battle or the Second Battle.
  3. Duncan also served as a Lieutenant in Captain Joel Gillett’s Company in Colonel Marinus Willett’s Regiment of New York State Levies.  He was commissioned as such on July 24, 1782.

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