Morrison's Pensions

Pension Application for Jacob Conley

State of New York
County of Schenectady SS.
            On this 24th day of January 1834, personally appeared in open Court before the Judges of the Court of Common Pleas in and for said County, Jacob Conley a resident of the City of Schenectady in said County aged sixty nine years, who being first duly sworn according to las, doth on his oath make the following declaration, in order to obtain the benefit of the provision made by the act of Congress passed June 7th 1832.
            He was born in the town of Niskayuna in the (then county of Albany) now county of Schenectady aforesaid on the Eleventh day of June 1764—There is no record of his age as far as has been able to ascertain.
            When called into the service of the United States in the army of the revolution, he was living at a place called the Bought above Troy in the (then) county of Albany—since the revolutionary was he has lived at Helderbergs in the town of Watervliet in said county of Albany, from thence he moved to the City of Schenectady from thence to Montgomery County in the town of Broadalbin—thence about the year 1812 he moved to Warrentown in the County of St. Lawrence when there he volunteered against the British under one Captain Wright, and took a part in the first skirmish that occurred in the last war on that frontier—from thence he moved to the town of Macena [Massena] in said County of St. Lawrence & he now resides in said county of Schenectady.
            In the middle of June or July 1780 he enlisted at the City of Albany in Captain Jacob I. Lansing’s  Company of State troops, he believes in Colonel Graham’s Regiment Jacob Hochtiesser and James Bloodgood were Lieutenants in said Company.  After being mustered at Albany aforesaid he marched to the Highland and performed garrison duty with the troops stationed there to wit at West Points, also at Haverstraw, Tappan and Clarkstown--He thence marched to Albany—thence to Schoharie at the middle fort in that place.  Here one Major Woolsey had the command—He took a part in the battle at this place against the enemy under Sir John Johnson, and followed them to a place above fort Herkimer where Colonel Brown was killed [Stone Arabia was where Col. Brown was killed]—thence he marched to Schenectady where he received his discharge, but not in writing—having served out the full term of his enlistment viz three months, and at least twenty days in addition thereto.  He enlisted again the month of March 1781 in Captain Peter Ellsworth’s Company of State Troops under Lieutenant Colonel Willett for the term of nine months.  His other company officers were Hendries and Shew Lieutenants.  The place of this enlistment was Albany—thence he marched to Schenectady—thence to Herkimer and performed garrison duty at Fort Plain, fort Hows [House] near East Canada Creek & at fort Walradt—engaged in the expedition against Ross & Butler and received his discharge at Fort Plain after serving in full & said term of nine months—He was in the battle of Johnstown so called while in this engagement of nine months—His said Captain Ellsworth was killed more than a month previous to the battle of Johnstown aforesaid, and the command of said company then devolved on Lieutenant Hendries or Henderson aforesaid.  And he claims a pension and for the aforesaid service of fifteen months & twenty days [record ends here]

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