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Pension Application for Adam Coppernoll

S.28430 (received $5.00 a month, issued 21 of Apl 1824.)
Application for a certificate
State of New York
County of Herkimer SS.
            On this fourteenth day of April 1824 before me the subscriber a Judge of the Court of Common Pleas for the said County of Herkimer personally appeared Adam Coppernoll who, on his oath declares that he is the same person who formerly belonged to the company commanded by Captain Leonard Bleeker (1) in the regiment Commanded by Colonel Goose Van Schaick in the service of the United States that his name was placed on the pension roll of the State of New York but has never received a formal certificate and now wishes to obtain one.  (Signed) Adam Coppernoll
            Sworn and subscribed to before me the day and year aforesaid.  Sanders Lansing.

Following document has several tears and missing pieces.
            Adam Coppernoll came before me one of the Justices of the county of Herkimer in and for the State of New York and made oath that he is the same Adam Coppernoll to whom the original certificate In his possession was given of which the following is a copy “We the subscribers Abraham Ten Broeck and Peter Gansevoort Junr do certify that upon an examination in pursuance of the law entitled an act making provision for officers soldiers and who have been disabled In the service of the United States passed the 22d of April 1786 We do find that Adam Coppernoll residing in The State of New York aged thirty years late a private in Captains Bleeker’s (2) company in the Ridgement [sic] of Continental troops Commanded by Col. Goose Van Schaick and claiming relief under the act of Congress Resolved In the said law wherein Invalided in fact [tear] the service of the United States in consequence of several wounds received in the State of Virginia (3) and do further certify that upon the principles of the said act of Congress the said Adam Coppernoll is Entitled to the pay of Five Dollars per month
            Given under our hands in the City of Albany on the fourteenth Day of September in the Year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and Eighty six.  (Signed) Abraham Ten Broock; Peter Gansevoort Jun.
            And that he served in Col. Goose VanSchaick Ridgement at the same time he was disabled and that he now resides in the County of Herkimer and has resided there since 1809.  (Signed) Adam Coppernoll
Letter of inquiry dated December 17, 1923 in the pension folder.
            I have to inform you that from the papers in the Revolutionary War pension claim S.28430, it appears that Adam Coppernoll served as a private in Captain Leonard Bleecker’s Company, Colonel Goose VanSchaick’s New York Regiment, during the Revolution and received several wounds.  The dates of service and nature of wounds are not on record.
            He was allowed pension on account of said wounds from September 14, 1786, at which time he was thirty years old and a resident of New York State.
            In 1809 and in 1824, he was living in Herkimer County, New York.  He died August 17, 1826.
            There is no data on file as to his family.

End Notes-Adam Coppernoll S2843

    1. Adam enlisted as a private in Captain John Graham’s Company in Colonel Goose Van Schaick’s First New York Continental Regiment on 8 March 1777 for the duration of the war.  He was taken prisoner near Sabbath Day Point on Lake George on 20 March 1777.  He was paroled in February 1778 and then rejoined his company.  On 1 September 1780 he was appointed Corporal in Captain Andrew Fink’s Company.
    2. On January 1, 1781 the First and Third New York Continental regiments were consolidated into one.  Captain Leonard Bleecker who had served in the Third New York was now Captain of the Light Infantry Company in the First New York Regiment.  Adam was transferred to this company.  He had to be a good soldier in excellent physical condition and discipline to be in a Light Infantry Company.
    3. Corporal Coppernoll was in the Yorktown, Virginia Campaign.  Captain Bleecker’s Company was attached to Colonel Alexander Hamilton’s Light Infantry Battalion.  In the night of 14 October 1781, Colonel Hamilton’s Battalion attached the British Redoubt Number 10 and the French Light Infantry attacked Redoubt Number 9.  Both redoubts were captured.  During the attack on Redoubt Number 10, Adam was wounded.  Eventually he was placed in the hospital at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and later moved to the hospital in Albany, New York.  Adam was transferred to the Crops of Invalids and was discharged on 3 November 1782.  Some records claim it to be 30 October 1782.  Adam is buried in the Norway Village Cemetery, Herkimer County.

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