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Pension Application for Isaac DeGraaf

State of New York
Schenectady County
            On this thirteenth day of October in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty-two personally appeared in open court before the judges of the Court of Common Pleas in and for said county now sitting Isaac DeGraff, a resident of the City of Schenectady in said county, aged nearly seventy-five years who being first duly sworn according to law doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress passed June 7th 1832.
            He was born in the then Township of Schenectady in the then County of Albany, now of Schenectady in the state then Colony of New York on the 16th day of November 1757, the record of his age is contained in his father’s Bible.
            When he was called into the service of the United States in the Army of the Revolution, he was living in the then village, now City of Schenectady aforesaid and since the Revolutionary War he has lived in the then Township of Schenectady and since the incorporation of said city in 1798 he has always lived in the city aforesaid.  He entered the service of the United States in the month of October 1776 as a Deputy Commissary of Issues.  He received his appointment under that date from Elisha Avery, Deputy Commissary General of Issue.  He was stationed at the then frontier post of Johnstown (1) in the then County of Tryon now County of Montgomery in said state.
            He continued to serve under said appointment until the month of August 1777 when said Avery resigned his office.  He the claimant was then continued in the same station of Deputy Commissary of Issues by appointment from Ebenezer Winship Deputy Commissary General of Issues as Successor to said Elisha Avery and he served at the same station at this last appointment until about the month of October 1778 when James Gray succeeded said Ebenezer Winship.  By said James Gray the claimant was continued in office until he first July in the year 1780 when in consequence of a change made in the Issuing Commissary department at the post of Johnstown aforesaid on the 1st July 1780 his term of service closed.
            The whole of the period for which the claimant served as Commissary of Issues was about three years and eight months.
            The following are the names of some of the regular officers when he knew or who were with the troops stationed at the posts where he served and such Continental and Militia regiments or companies as he can recollect: viz: Colonel James Livingston’s (2) Regiment, Colonel Goose Van Schaick’s, Colonel Lewis Dubois, Colonel Frederick Fisher’s of Militia, the French Refugees under Captain Marnay, Major Ezekiel Taylor’s of the Militia, Captain Samuel Sackett’s of the Continental troops, Captain William Satterlee’s also of the Continental troops, Captain Walter Vrooman’s of the Rangers besides other which might be enumerated.
            His different appointments as aforesaid, and sundry vouchers and letters relating to his services were in his possession until the 17th of November 1819 when the same with most of his other papers were destroyed in the great fire which at that time devastated part of the City of Schenectady than these he had no other documentary evidence.  He can procure others who can testify to his services besides those whose depositions are hereunder annexed.  He flatters himself however that there will be sufficient evidence of his services to be found in the department at Washington.
            The following are the names of persons to whom he is known in his present neighborhood & who can testify as to his character for veracity & their belief of his services as a Commissary of Issues and aforesaid viz:
            Simon A. Groot of the City of Schenectady & John Sanders of the Town of Glenville in said County of Schenectady.
            He hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension or annuity except the present and declares that his name is not on the pension roll of the agency of any state.
(Signed) Isaac DeGraaf
            Subscribed and sworn the day and year aforesaid.  John L. [S?] Vrooman
This certifies that as appears from the Register of Baptism belonging to the Protestant Reformed Dutch Church in the City of Schenectady, Isaac, Son of Daniel Degraaf and Gezina Swits, his wife, was baptized on the 20th day of November in the year 1757.
Jacob Van Vechten V.D.M.
Certified, Schenectady Oct 6, 1832.

End Notes by James F. Morrison

  1. He was stationed at Fort Johnstown.  The Continental stores and equipment were also kept there.
  2. Colonel James Livingston of the 1st Canadian Continental Regiment, Colonel Goose Van Schaick of the First New York Continental Regiment, Colonel Lewis DuBois of the Fifth New York, Continental Regiment, Colonel Frederick Visscher of theThird Regiment of Tryon County Militia, Major Ezekiel Taylor of the 12th Regiment of Albany County Militia, Captain Samuel Sacket of the Fourth New York.  Continental Regiment [He was in Command of Fort Johnstown when the stables caught on fire in February 1779]. And Captain Walter Vrooman of Colonel John Harper’s Regiment of New York State Levies, [stationed at Fort Johnstown in 1780], Captain William Satterlee of Colonel Samuel Elmore’s Connecticut Continental Regiment [was stationed at Fort Johnstown during the winter of 1776-1776 [Oct-April].

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