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Pension Application for Jellis A. Fonda, Adjutant

Jellis A. Fonda had a pension of $189.22 per annum, commencing the 4th day of March 1831.
            I Jacob Van Vechten of the city & county of Schenectady residing in said city do hereby certify that I am well acquainted with Jellis Fonda an applicant for a pension under a low of Congress; that he is reputed & believed in the neighborhood where he resides to have been a soldier of the Revolution & that I concur in that opinion.
            Subscribed this 25th day of October 1832.  (Signed) Jacob Van Vechten, Pastor of the Ref. D. Church, Schenectady.
            At a Court of Common Pleas held in and for the County of Schenectady at the City of Schenectady on the twentieth Day of October One Thousand Eight Hundred & thirty-two, it was decided, and the said Court hereby Declares their opinion, after a due investigation of the matter, that the above named applicant Jellis Fonda is incompetent to make the declaration required by the regulations of the War Department under the “Act for the relief of the Surviving officers & soldiers of the revolution” passed June 7th 1832, by reason of Dotage &b Defectiveness of memory consequent thereon and the said Court further declare their opinion that said applicant was a revolutionary officer & served as he stated in the preceding depositions—and the said Court further declare their opinion, & certify that it appears to them that Jacob Van Vechten who signed the foregoing certificate is a clergyman resident in said City of Schenectady & that Daniel J. Toll, James H. Leek, John Sanders, Cornelius T. Van Santook and AdamVrooman, who have subscribed & sworn to the preceding depositions, acredible persons, and that their statement is entitled to the fullest credit.
            I John L. Vrooman Clerk of said County do hereby certify that the foregoing contains the original proceedings of said Court in the matter of the applications of Jellis Fonda, for a pension witness my hand & seal of office this 20th day of October 1832.  John L. Vrooman, Clerk  

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