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Bounty Land, Douw J. (or I.) Fonda or Fondey
B. L. Wt 735-150. Ensign Issued June 1, 1792.  No Papers.
Ensign—Third New York Continental Regiment May 29, 1779.
            When the Third NY was consolidated with the First New York Continental Regiment he became an Ensign in the First NY until the regiment was discharged in June 1783 at Newburgh, NY.

Contributed by Joe Fondy

Douw I. Fonda was baptised on August 26th, 1759 and died Nov. 19th, 1806.   His parents were Isaac D. Fonda (1728 - 1796) and Susanna DeForest (1731 -   .)   Although Major Douw Fondey was born with the last name of Fonda, he signed his name "D. I. Fondey."  He may have changed his name because there were quite a few men named Douw Fonda in the Mohawk Valley of New York.

Dowe J. Fonda appears in Ballston, Saratoga County in 1800 (between Elisha Miller and Epenitus White.)  Fonda household consists of 1 male 10 to 16,  1 female 26 to 45,  1 slave.  (This may be on east shore of Ballston lake.)

Douw I. Fondey   Moreau Saratoga County 1810 US Census    Series: M252  Roll: 35  Page: 277.           
This would not be Major Douw Fondey, because he died in 1806.                     
1 male under 10                      1 male 16-25       (Could be Douw I. Fondey, Jr, age 22-23)                         1 male  45+                                           
2 female 10-15                        1 female 16-25    (Douw Fondey Jr.’s wife?)                                                  


New York State Library file #SC16906       Abraham Van Vechten  Legal Papers, 1686-1867 includes a deed to Douw Fonda for army service bounty land when such is given; August 30, 1791. The land eventually granted was Lot 71 (600 acres) at Manlius, later released to Jeremiah Van Rensselaer.

Douw Fondy and John Fondey, Junior were each given 1150 acres of land in Onondaga County, New York as Land Bounty for their participation in the Revolutionary War.  

Connoly’s Original Return mentions Dow I. Fundy and John Funday - ensigns.
John Fondy had tracts in Cicero (Town of Clay) and Aurelius.
Dow Fundy and Dow Fondy had tracts in Sempronius (Niles) (Cayuga County) and Locke.

Delivery of Patents says John Fondy’s were delivered to himself and
Douw Fondey’s were delivered to his brother John Fondey, Jun., as attorney.
The above Onondaga County parcels were assigned in 1790.  Some are now in Tompkins County.

Military Tract of Central New York - now situated in Tompkins County, NY
                                                                                                           Township                   Lot                       Current town
            Dow                Fondy (Ensign)                                   Locke              73                    Groton

Oct 29th, 1795    Power of Attorney from Douw Fondey, late Ensign in the 5th New York regiment to John Fondey, Junior to take up a patent for land to which he is entitled Page 199, Vol. LX  
(Found on Page 983 of Calendar of NY Colonial Manuscripts Endorsed Land Papers 1643- 1803)

Historical Register of Officers of the Continental Army during the War of the Revolution.   (Page 231)
Fondey, Douw J.  NY            Ensign, 3d NY,           29th May 1779
                                                     Transfered to 1st NY,        1   Jan., 1781 - served to 3 Jun 1783.                           
                                        Captain, 12th US Infantry,                8   Jan., 1799   (Provisional Army)
                                                                                           Major,        15   Oct., 1799
                                                Honorably Discharged             15   Jun., 1800  (when the Army was disbanded)

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