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Pension Application for Jellis A. Fonda

            For the purpose of obtaining the benefits of the act entitled “an act supplementary to the act for the relief of the surviving officers and soldiers of the revolution” approved June 7th 1832, I Jellis A. Fonda now residing in the City of Schenectady in the County of Schenectady and the State of New York, aged about seventy-three years, do hereby declare that I served in the war of the revolution as an Adjutant for the term of three years and as a Captain for the term of about eleven months making in all a period of nearly four years which I served at the dates and in the Regiments & Brigades following.
            In the year one thousand & seven hundred and seventy-seven, I served for four months as adjutant in General Glover’s Brigade.  In the spring of the next year I was attached to General Frederick Fisher’s Brigade and served therein about four months being the whole of the period serving which said Brigade was out on Duty that year.  In the spring of the year then next, to wit, in the year One thousand Seven hundred & Seventy-nine I was attached to the Regiment of Colonel Thomas Butler, being denominated the fourth Pennsylvania Regiment I served in said Regiment last named during the campaign of that year for about the term of four months.  In the spring of the next year; to wit one thousand seven hundred and eighty-one I was attached to Colonel Willett’s Regiment of State Troops, and served in the same as Adjutant until the first day of November One Thousand seven Hundred & Eighty-two, when I received the appointment of Captain & continued to serve as such for the term of eleven months in the Regiment last aforesaid, to wit until the month of October One thousand seven Hundred & Eighty three when the war closed.
            I hereby relinquish every claim whatever to a pension except the present, and am not entitled to any benefit under the act for the relief of certain surviving officers and soldiers of the revolution, passed the fifteenth day of May Eighteen hundred & Twenty eight, not having served during the whole war on the Continental line as required by that act—and further that I have never received any annuity or pension under any law—of the United States providing for revolutionary officers and soldiers.  (Signed) Jellis A. Fonda

County of Schenectady SS.
            Jellis A. Fonda above named maketh oath and said that the facts set forth in the foregoing declaration by him signed are true according to the best of his knowledge recollection and belief.  (Signed) Jelles A. Fonda
            Subscribed and Sworn this 14th day of June 1832 before me, Henry Fuller Commissioner of Deeds &c County of Schenectady
            SS. Daniel Darran? Of the town of Princetown in said County maketh oath and saith, that he was during the war of the revolution well acquainted with Jellis A. Donda whose name appears to the foregoing declaration and deposition, and that this deponent served in the Regiments of colonel Morris Graham & Colonel Willett and distinctly remembers that said Jellis A. Fonda served in said Regiments in the years One Thousand Seven hundred and Eighty, and one thousand [document ends here].

State of New York
County of Schenectady
Surrogate’s Court
In re: Jellis A. Fonda Dec’d
            Be it known that it appears for the records of this court that on the 18th day of September 1834, letters of administration on the estate of Jellis A. Fonda deceased, were in due form of law granted & committed to Alexander G. Fonda a son of said deceased & that said Jellis A. Fonda died on the 27th (twenty-seventh) day of August one thousand eight hundred and thirty-four.
            It further appears from said records, that the affidavits of James J. Fonda and Giles F. Yates taken on the 19th day of April & 10th May 1847, that at the last named dates the following named children of said deceased survived, and that they were then all of them, over twenty-one years of age, namely Susan Fonda, Widow of Jellis Fonda, Jane Helen Whiting wife of Nathan N. Whiting, Mary Austin Fonda, Alexander G. Fonda (the above named Administrator) and Ann Groot wife of John S. Groot.  And further that said Jellis A. Fonda deceased was at the time of his death a pensioner of the United States under the act of Congress passed 7th June 1832.
            All of which is hereby accordingly certified.
            And it is further certified, that satisfactory evidence, to wit, the affidavit of said Administrator Alexander G. Fonda, has been redduced? to this Court to prove, that his only children now surviving viz, said Alexander G. Fonda, Susan Fonda, Anna Groot, and Mary A. Fonda (the said Jane Helen Whiting having since 1847 departed this life)—
            And it is further certified, that said letters of administration issued to said Alexander G. Fonda still remain in full force un repealed and unrevoked.
            In testimony whereof the said County Judge hath hereto set his hand and affixed the seal of the Surrogate’s Court of the County of Schenectady this 9th day of June 1853.  S. H. Johnson County Judge of Schy Ct.

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