Morrison's Pensions

Pension Application for Samuel Foster

W.17920 (Widow: Phebe)
State of New York
County of Clinton SS
            I Phebe Foster a resident of Saranac in said County aged seventy three years on the 25 January 1843 being duly sworn do on oath declare and say in order to obtain a pension in under the laws of congress that my maiden name was Phebe Tiehout and I was married to Samuel Foster at Highgate Vermont after about a years acquaintance with him on the fifteenth day of April seventeen hundred and ninety by Cobb Esqr a Justice of the Peace.  H have heard my said husband say that he resided in New Marlboro Mass and enlisted there as a substitute for his uncle Huxley who was drafted and served three years and nine months and was discharged at the close of the war and received an honorable discharge I have heard him say that Moses Parr late of Albany VT deceased served in the same company with him.  Parr died about ten years ago & is supposed to have belonged to the Massachusetts Troops.  Ezekiel Foster was an only Brother of my husband & did live in New Marlboro but I have not heard from him within twelve years past.  I have heard my said husband say he was in Schoharie NY in service when that place was burned and also at the capture of Maj. Andre as a spy.  My husband had an honorable discharge from the army which he kept in a pocket book for many years and in March 1818 or 1819 he went from our residence in Cote St. Charles Lower Canada to the office of Asa Hascall Esq or Malone NY for the purpose of obtaining a pension.  My husband said Mr. Hascall had sent the discharge to Washington & that a letter was received by him saying that my husband no being a Continental soldier was not entitled to a pension.  That his service was started with the state troops & the discharge was retained on file in the war department.  My husband said he insisted upon a return of his discharge and that some angry words passed between him & Mr. Hascall.
            (Examined correspondence with Hascall in 1818, 19 to ascertain if any thing is said in regard to the discharge or service of Samuel Foster.)  I think I have heard my husband mention the names of Capt. Smith & Willard & Col. Wallace, and I think he was present in the service with the Massachusetts or Connecticut troops at the execution of Major Andre as a spy.
            Samuel Forbes of Franklin Co., NY went with my said husband to see Hascall, office with my said husbands discharge whether Forbes be still living I do not know.  My husband had two sisters, Naomi married Mr. Loveland of New Marlbo [Marlboro?] Mass and Ruth married a Hessian there whose name I cannot recollect.  My said husband died at Chazy NY on the thirtieth day of September eighteen hundred and thirty one leaving me a widow and I am still a widow, my first child Pamela was born April 22, 17911—I have not applied for a pension before this time owing to my inability to procure evidence of my husbands services in the army.  (Signed with her mark)  Phebe Foster
            Sworn and subscribed to before me this 26 day of August 1843 and I certify that deponent is a credible person & cannot write her name having never learned to write.  George Moore, Justice Peace

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