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Bounty Land Application for John Furman

B.L.Wt.731-200.  Lieut.  Issued June 9, 1791.

            Information given in a letter asking for service records from the War Office.  Furman, John (NY) 2nd Lieut. 5th New York, 21st Nov. 1776; taken prisoner at Fort Montgomery, 6th Oct. 1777; exchanged 9th Nov. 1780; 1st Lieut Sept. 1778; transferred to 1st NY 1st Jan 1781, and served to June 1783.

Letter written in response to an inquiry for information, dated November 25, 1938.
            The Revolutionary War records of this office show that warrant No. 731 for two hundred acres of bounty land was issued June 9, 1791, on account of the services of John Furman, Lieutenant of the New York Line, War of the Revolution.     
            There are no further information on file as to his services, nor any data on file as to his family, due to the destruction of papers in such claims, when the War Office was burned in November 1800.

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