Morrison's Pensions

 Pension Application for Nicholas Harter

State of New York
Oneida County
City of Utica
            Note: the writing is too difficult to read on this application, the handwriting is really bad and the ink has bled through from the other side.  Most of it is impossible, but what phrases are understandable, are presented below.
Resident of the Town of Deerfield
             29th day of November 1832 date of application.  Applyiong under act of Congress passed June 7, 1832.
            Aged 71 years.
            Enlisted fall of 1777 in the militia, guarding provisions from Fort Dayton to Fort Stawix and in the winter of 1778 for the same purpose.  Summer of 1778, and 1781, Fort Dayton.  1782, at Jersey Field when Buther was taken.

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