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Pension Application for Samuel Hubbs

Declaration in order to be placed on the pension list under the Act of the 18th March 1818.
Montgomery County SS.
            On the [   ] day of November 1829 personally appeared in open Court at a Circuit Couth olden at the Court house in Johnstown, in said County in the fourth Circuit district of the State of New York—it being a Court of Record having the power of fine & imprisionment Samuel Hubbs resident in the town of Charleston in Said County aged Sixty four years who being first duly Sworn according to law doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the provisions made by the Acts of Congress of the 18th of March & the first of May 1820—that he the Said Samuel entered—for the term of nine months on the first day of May in the year 1778 in the City and County of Albany & State of New York in the Company Commandered by Isaac Bogert, (but holding as the deponent believes a Lieutenants Commission) in the regiment Commandered by Colonel Goose Vansehank in the line of the State of New York on the Continental establishment that he contined to Serve in the Said Corps until the end of his term it being nine months from the time of his enlistment when he was honorably dis-charged from the Service he afterward entered for 9 months & Served out his term in Capt. Putnams Company and in Col. Willetts regiment in the City of Albany & State of New York that he hereby relinquishes every Claim whatever to a pension except the Present—That his name is not on the pension roll of any State & that the following are the reasons for not making an earlier Application for a pension to wit—
            He hoped while blessed with health & vigor of Constitution (which he has not of late enjoyed) to be able to Support himself respectably without any other aid than the avail of his own industry, & further it is but recently to wit within three months past that he was  aware that nine months men—although on the Continental establishment—were under any circumstances entitled to a pension under any law of Congress.
            And in pursuance of the act of the first May 1820 I do Solemnly swear that I was a resident citizen of the United States on the 18th day of March 1818 & that I have not Since that time by gift Sale or in any manner disposed of any property or any part thereof with intent thereby to diminish it as to bring myself within the provisions of the act of Congress—entitled “an act to provide for certain persons engaged in the law & now at Services of the United States in the Revolutionary War” passed on the 18th day of March 1818--& that I have not nor has any person in trust for me any property or Security Contracts or debts an to me nor have I any Invoices other than what is contained in the schedule hereto annexed & by me Subscribed—
Schedule of property &c belonging to the Applicant to wit--

3 Hives of Bees
1 Grindstone
1 Log Chain
1 Handsaw
1 Pine Bureau
1 Pr. Andirons 25 ¢ Shovel & Tongs 1.00
1 Table 50-30 bushels potatoes 5.63
2 Hugs
30 Bushels Buckwheat
8 bushels Wheat
60 Do [ditto] of Oats
1 Waggon 6 dollars  Sleigh 2 dolls
2 Ploughs old
2 Harrows
1 Tanning Will
A Lot of Articles in the barn
1 Wooden Clock & Case
7 Piggs
2 Horris very old & poor
2 Cows at 13 dolls each
A Lot of Casks & Boxes
1 Churn
14 Casks old & poor
1 Hogshead
2 Washtubs
4 Iron Kettles
1 Ox Yoke
Crockery in the House

Ditto is sheep at 1 doll. Pr. head





Samuel Hubbs

            The applicants family counts of himself—his wife May aged 59 years of feeble constitution—one daughter married Clarissa aged 24 years of—indifferent Health—on Son named Harry 21 yrs of age next May—weekley & of little service An aged father named Alexander Hubbs aged 86 yrs.—feeble & has been practically a cripple—Since the Revolutionary War who served during a great portion of that event  as Lieutenant but not in such a manner as to be entitled to a pension under any existing law of the United States nor of this State—The declarant has been a farmer—possesses of late but feeble health and is afflicted with Rheumatic affections frequently so as totally to disqualify him for pursuing any valuable employment.

            That since the 18th day of March 1818—The following changes have been made in my property to wit—
            Four horses which I owned at the above date have been disposed of in the following manner—

Description of Property

Names of Persons to Whom Disposed of

Time of Sale

Amount of money or description of property rec’d in return

One Horse

Jacob Lettis of the afore said

About four years ago

For a yoke of oxen afterwards sold for cash & paid to creditors, $5.50

2 of Do-to

Alexander Sheldon physician-of the Co.--aforesaid

About 11 years ago one for 40 & the other 60 dollars

Rec’d credit of L. Sheldon for Doctors bill due him by said applicant.

1 of Do—Died in Applicants Possession
            The applicant had at the above date also four cows not mentioned in the annexed Schedule All of which died by occasions fo a distemper.  All the other property of which the applicant was in possession on the 18th March 1818—is enumerated in the annexed Schedule of property as far as the applicant can recollect except such as has died been worn out & consumed & disposed of for the support of the applicants family—The applicant at the above date was also in possession of a lease lot—of one hundred acres of land in the town of Charlestown & County of Montgomery aforesaid Leased for 3 lives—The applicant is now the only survivor—and at his death all in the premises will revert to his landlord—In pursuance of a proposition—previously & after made to his Son Alexander Hubbs Junior long before he was advised or believed any 9 months men—could be entitled to a pension—He the said Alexander Hubbs Junior has taken an assignment of said lease from the applicant—of the remainder of his said terms for the considerations of $949.—It begin $749 above the appraised value as vouchers hereto to be attached will show which said considerations—The said Alexander has become bound to pay to certain creditors of said applicant & none of it to this applicant To Wit Rent due on said lease to George Clark of Otsego County & State of New York.

The Landlord


To Daniel Cady of Johnstown Montg. Co. New York


To Balance due on a Mortgage to Abrm. J. Davis of Johnstown Montg. Co. Aforesaid


To Mortgage to Elizah Gow Jun. Cana-Johan & Co.


To George B. Ludd a debt of


To Henry Ouderkerk


To Bowdish & Frost




For the Fairness of all which debts vouchers will accompany these papers
Samuel Hubbs
            Sworn & Declared on the        day of November 1827 before I Alexander Cormic Clerk

Original Claims of Samuel Hubbs of the town of Charlestown County of Montg. & State of New York for a pension.

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