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Invalid Pension Application for Matthew Jansen Junr.

            By his Excellency George Clinton Esquire Governor of the State of New York & Richard Varick of the City of New York Esquire.  
            We do certify, That in Pursuance of the Law of the State of New York Entitled “An Act making Provision for Officers, Soldiers & Seamen who have been disabled in the Service of the United States”, We have examined the Case of Matthew Jansen Junr. of Shawangunk in the County of Ulster Farmer and find that during the late War he was Captain of a Company in a Regiment of Levies in the Service of the United States raised in the State of New York in the Year one thousand Seven hundred & Seventy Seven & commanded by Colonel William Allison; That the said Matthew Jansen Junr being in actual Service, at Fort Clinton one of the Out Redoubts of Fort Montgomery in the High Lands, in the Night of the sixth of October in the same Year, received an Injury in his left Eye, by a Musket Shot, by which Means the Sight thereof is much impaired; That in attempting to make his Escape from the same Redoubt, after the same was possessed by the Enemy and in Jumping over the Rampart of the Redoubt he fell with the lower Part of his Back on a Rock, by means whereof his Back is very much weakened & he is in some Measure rendered unable to obtain his Livelihood by Labor; & that on Second Day of April last he was forty nine Years of Age; Whereof in pursuance of the Law aforesaid, We do further certify, that upon the Principles of the Act of Congress of the Seventh Day of June 1785, the said Matthew Jansen Jun is entitled to receive from the Treasurer of this State an Annual Pension of Sixty Dollars to commence from the first Day of January in the Year one thousand Seven hundred & seventy eight.  George Clinton; Richd Varick
            Given under our Hands this twentieth Day of March 1788.
            To Peter T. Curtenius Esquire, Auditor of the State of New York.
From: New York in The Revolution Volume II, pg 32. 1898, Roberts & Mather 1901

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