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Pension Application for John Johnson or Johnston

Testimony in the case of John Johnson an applicant to be placed on the Pension List under the act of Congress of the 18th March 1878.
State of New York
Rensselaer County SS.
            John Johnson a resident of the City of Troy in the County of Rensselaer and State of New York, being duly sworn, doth depose and say that he served in the American Army in the year 1775 & 1776. That in the month of January 1777 this deponent enlisted as a private solder in the Continental Army of the United States, in a company commanded by Capt. Leonyx – in a Regiment of the New York Line commanded by Col. James Livingston, this deponent continued in the said company until the year 1778, when he was transferred to a company commanded by Capt. James Robertsheaux in the aforesaid Regiment.  That this deponent continued in the last mentioned company of Regiment until the month of July 1782 when this deponent was discharged for inability.  That the discharge which this deponent obtained in 1783 was presented to the Legislature of this state for the purpose of obtaining bounty land.  That this deponent has endeavoured to find the said discharge but has not been able, and this deponent believes that the said discharge is not now in existence.  And this deponent further says that “by reason of his reduced circumstances in life he is in need of assistance from his country for support.”  (Signed) John Johnson.

State of New York
Rensselaer County SS.
            On the 11th day of April 1818, John Johnston came personally before me, and being duly sworn, according to law, testified that the foregoing declaration by him subscribed was true according to the best of his recollection and belief—and I do hereby certify that it appears to my satisfaction that the said John Johnston did serve in the Revolutionary War as stated in the preceding declaration against the common enemy and I now transmit the preceding said testimony taken and had before me, to the Secretary for the Department of War, pursuant to the directions of the aforementioned act of Congress.  Jas. Mallory Judge of the Court of Common Pleas for Rensselaer County, New York.

            Inventory of the property of John Johnson a pensioner of the Untied States necessary wearing apparel & Bedding excepting.  Real Estate none, personal property as follows to wit.
            1 Wood Saw 1..50
            1 Ax 0..05
            1n drawing knife 1..25
            1 [Hoe?] .50
            1 pork knife 12 ½  I have no family for which I provide.
City of Troy SS.  John Johnson being duly sworn say that the above Inventory contains a true statement of all his property both real and personal & that the above set opposite each is true to the best of Judgment & belief & he further saith that he has pretty much lost the use of his hands having been broken and from old age & infirmities unable to get or obtain a comfortable living or support without the aide of the government unless it should be by the charity of his friends.  (Signed) John Johnson
            Sworn in open court this 4th July 1820.  Joseph D. Selden Clerk

State of New York
City of Troy
At the Court of Common Pleas called the Mayor’s Court holden at the Court House of the County of Rensselaer & for the City of Troy before the Judges of the same Court.
            On this Fourth day of July 1820 personally appeared in open court, (being a court of record in and for the said City of Troy according to the solemn Adjudications of the Supreme Court of this state, and being a court which proceeds according to the course of common law; with a jurisdiction unlimited in point of amount; keeping a record of its proceedings; and possessing the power of fine and imprisonment)  John Johnston aged Sixty Seven years, resident in the City of Troy in said County who, being first duly sworn according to law, doth on his oath declare, that he served in the revolutionary war as follows:--That eh enlisted in a company of infantry commanded by Captain Matthew Mead in the Regiment commanded by Col. David Waterbury in General Woresten’s Brigade in the Continental Line for the term of seven months in the month of May 1775 that after his enlistment he marched from Norwalk in Connecticut where he inlisted [?] to New York and from thence up the Hudson River to Fort George & joined General Montgomery’s Army that he stayed about six months and was discharged on account of his ill health he again enlisted in the month of May 1776 for the term of one year in Captain Albert Chapman’s Company in the Regiment commanded by Col. Samuel Elmore of the Connecticut Line at Norwalk in Connecticut he marched from thence to Fort Stanwicks where he remained in Garrison until he was regularly discharged the term of inlistment having expired that he enlisted again for during the war in the company commanded by Captain Augustine Leoursowin, Colonel James Livingston’s Regiment of Continental Regular Troops that he served about four years in that Regiment and was regularly discharged on account of sickness that during the last inlistment he was at the taking of Burgoyne in Saratoga and also Sullivan’s expedition in Rhode Island that his original declaration to obtain a pension under the Act of arch 1818 was dated 11 April and the number of his Certificate 2827

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