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            Lodowick served as a private in Colonel Frederick Visscher's Regiment of Tryon County Militia (Third Regiment) while living in the Town of Johnstown. It is not known when Lodowick enlisted but he was serving in 1780 and it is not known what company he served in.
            Late in the evening of May 21, 1780, Colonel Sir John Johnson with about 500 Indians and Loyalists arrived at the northeastern part of Johnstown where they waited to attack the village. Shortly after midnight, now May 22nd, a party of the enemy broke into the Putman house and killed and scalped Lodowick and his son Aaron.
            Mrs. Putman and a daughter named Hannah were not harmed and after the enemy plundered the house they left on their way to burn and kill.  Now Mrs. Putman with her daughter headed for Johnstown and on arriving at Fort Johnstown she informed Captain Walter Vrooman who was in command of the fort what had happened.
            On May 23rd, the two slain Putman's were buried in one coffin on their farm standing at the present day Hales Mill and Route 29 junction in the Town of Johnstown.


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