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Pension Application for Adam A. Loucks

            In order to obtain the benefit of the 3d section of the Act of Congress passed the 4th July 1836.
State of New York
Montgomery County SS
            On the ? day of December 1836 personally appeared before me.
            Magdelena Loucks, of the Town of Palatine, County and State aforesaid, born on the 1st day of May 1755.  Now aged eighty one years past, who being first duly sworn according to Law, doth on her oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the provisions made by the Act of Congress passed July 4th 1836—That she is the widow of Adam A. Loucks who was a private soldier in the Company of Militia Commanded by Capt. Christopher W. Fox and in the Reg’t Commanded by Col. Jacob Klock and she further declares that she was legally and lawfully married to the aforesaid Adam A. Loucks on the 28th day of October 1778 vizt in the year Seventeen Hundred and Seventy Eight.  And that her husband the aforesaid Adam A. Loucks died on 5th June 1828 and that she has remained a widow since that time or period as will more fully appear by reference to the proof hereto annexed.
            And the said widow doth further declare that she has been personally acquainted with her husband, the aforesaid Adam A. Loucks previous to the Revolutionary War at the commencement thereof and during the whole of the said Revolutionary War, and the widow further declares that she has not altogether been unmindful of some of the Services which hath been rendered by her said husband to the United States previous to their joining in lawful wedlock, as they had lived near neighbors together, although impracticable to specify all such and every tour after they were married; shall and will only endeavour to devote such tours and campaigns, as claimant, does positively recollect, and as she the said Claimant beg leave to represent, and to state vizt at the commencement of the war, in the early part of Spring 1775, during which year in consequence of the Johnson family, sheriff and chiefly all in power and authority, opposed to the Whig Party.  That the Militia often and frequently were called and ordered out, sometimes on scouts, at other times watching and guarding, although impossible to specify, but says that the aforesaid Adam vizt ??? her husband, at least did render the such length of two months in favouring the cause of Liberty, and  Independence, vizt, 2 March 1776, Claimant beg leave to refer your hon’r the Pension Commission to a copy or transcript of the original payroll, preserved during the lifetime of Capt. Christoph’r W. Fox and after his death by Gen’l? Box his son, was informed the same transmitted to the Pension Office which probably will ??? the length of service rendered by the deceased soldier for and during the year 1776.
            1777 the widow sayd, that the deceased her husband, was drafted and ordered out under Capt. Fox and Col. Cox to repair to Tigonderoga [Ticonderoga) forepart in winter and not  returned until sometime in April, rendering United States services the length of three months.
            Do [ditto, 1777] same season from April until 6th Aug’t often and frequently ordered out in consequence of alarm also drafted and stationed at Saltsmans? And by order of the Committee of Safety aiding and assisting in erecting Fort Paris, at least from April until the 6th Day of August the same year, the deceased has and did at least render the length of two months services to the United States.
            Do [ditto, 1777] The applicant further saith and declare, that the dec’d was ordered out, and actually did march out under the command of Capt. Christoph’r W. Fox, at the time of Oriskana Battle, and that Claimant always was told, and understood by the deceased, and also that the deceased actually was engaged in that memorable battle under the Gen’l command of Gen’l Herkimer at Oriskany on the 6th day of Aug’t same year, against the British Army Commanded by Gen’l St. Leger, composed of Indians and Tories and some regular troops from Canada, having been gone 15 days.
            Do, The applicant further declares, that she is well apprised that the deceased, after the engagement at Oriskana, until some time in September did and had been called out in rendering services to the United States but claimant doth and cannot recollect the particulars therefore omit making any further remarks for that space of time.
            Do, Claimant further saith and declare that her husband sometime in September was drafted, & ordered to March to StillWater, Saratoga and for what ever hence, joined and under the command of Gen’l Gates, there continued in rendering United States services such as was required and the deceased did not return to his place of residence until after the taking of Gen’l Burgoyne with the British Army, during which time rendering the length of services of 1 month and two weeks.
            1778.  Claimant saith and declare that during the course of this year her husband has been ordered out almost continually from the early part in Spring until late in fall, in consequence of threatening alarms, sometimes by Regiments & Companies, sometime drafted, and stationed in forts, at various times stationed at Fort Paris, in rendering garrison duly, marched & ordered out by Reg’t at the time of the Gen’l Conflagration at Springfield believing in June, was attached to Otsego County, again believing in Oct.  At the time of the general desolation and destruction, Upper part of German Flats on the South Side of the Mohawk River, and on the same day & time the same at Herkimer on the North Side of the Mohawk River, all around Fort Dayton.
            And again by Regt vizt Col. Klocks Regt at the time of the genl [general] desolation or massacre at Cherry Valley now Otsego County on the 11th day of November, all these cruelties transpired during one and the same season, burning, murdering, scalping and prisoners taken, at each one of the foregoing mentioned places.
            The applicant further declare, that it does appear that the faithful Militia Solider should be allowed for the full length of time from the early part in Spring until late in fall, the same and on an equal accounting with that of a regular enlisted Continental Soldier, that the deceased faithful soldier, did and has rendered at least five months service to the United States for and during the period of this year.  Claimant finding it impracticable to fully make particularly.
            1779 Forepart in Spring, Claimant says that the deceased, her husband was stationed at Fort Paris & rendering garrison duty in consequence of an alarm guarding and watching against the incursions of the common enemy.  Those at the same time ordered out under Sergt Jacob Snell with a strong guard, to march to the frontier part of Palatine, removing the dead bodies of Jacob Eply old Mr. Hart, and a son of old Capt. Rightor.  When Capt. Rightor, his wife and Peter Shite [Suits] were seriously wounded when after returned to Fort Paris, again stationed for several weeks but claimant cnnot specifically say as to the particular time when stationed at Fort Paris, but again at the time of the Gen’l Conflagration, on or at the lower part of the German Flats on Fall Hill vizt, lower part of this the then Town of German Flats, marched out by Regt. under Capt. Henry Miller [several lines not legible]
            Claimant further saith that during the remainder part of the season until late in fall, the husband of said applicant was generally stationed at Fort Paris, rendering garrison service watching and guarding against the incursions of the common enemy—impracticable to specify particularly the many tours during the course of this year, but says that her husband did render at least the length of four months United States service during the course of said year.
            1780.  The applicant further saith that previous to the 22d day of May, she ? knows and recollect  that her husband was called out on United States service at different times, but doth not recollect the occurrences but on the 22d May said year, at the time of the gen’l desolation at Caughnawaga by Sr. John Johnson with his incendiary crew from Canada, murdering, scalping, burning and destroying and a number of prisoners taken the dec’d soldier under the Command of Capt. Henry Miller and the whole Reg’t under the Command of Col. Peter Waggoner marching in pursuit of the enemy and when approaching the Village of Johnstown then joined Col. John Harper Reg’t & Levis then under the command of Col. Harper when marching into the village when pursuit was given up and extinguished? when the enemy yet in fight marching over the Hall farm near the woods.
            Applicant further saith that on the latter part of July same year at the time when the Indian chief vizt Capt. Brandt had lay wait, Capt. Samuel Gray with his boats and boatmen detained at what called Fort Schuyler now Utica, for about 9 or ten days when Brandt had situated himself with as saith with about 400 Indians between Fort Stanwix and Fort Schuyler when both regiments vizt Col. Jacob Klocks on the north side and Col. Sam’l Clydes on the south side of the Mohawk River were ordered out under the chief command of Gen’l Van Rensselaer, guarding the boats to Fort Stanwix when Brandt took the advantage on the south side of the river while Col. Clyde with his Regt all had been gone while ordered out under Van Rensselaer, and almost that  ??? one half of the houses & buildings burned and destroyed some murdered & taken prisoner, and supposed about 300 head of cattle taken along from the inhabitants down the Susquhanney.
            Claimant further saith that again on the 19th day of Oct 1780, the time of the Gen’l conflagration at a distance of twenty miles from Caughnawaga along the Mohawk River up along the Mohawk through that old inhabitants of Stonearabia and Oswegage to Fort Timmerman, near St. Johns Ville.  Burning and destroying all wett south, almost without any resistance.  Emediately [immediately] Col. John Brown with about 200 men with some of the Militia and some of his men, conformable to the order of General Van Rennnselaer, for Col Brown to advance along the front and as always understood, Gen’l Van Rensselaer was engaged to advance upon the rear of the enemy, who it was always understood had the emediant command of seventeen hundred Militia men from the east, that whereas Col. Brown had reason to hope to be reinforced by Gen’l Van Rensselaer, Col. Brown with his men totally disappointed,  brought to the slaughter, some distance from and on the north side of the Mohawk river engaged in battle, Van Rensselaer marching calmly? along on the south side of the Mohawk passing along to Fort Plain where Col. Debois [DuBois] was stationed with 500 men exclusive of the Militia on the south side of the river, when severaly one fourth part of Col. Klocks Regt were engaged in battle, Col. brown besides forty four were killed, Militia & Levis, and several wounded.
            Claimant further saith that herself with her husband, father & mother hath been great sufferers at the time of the gen’l conflagration at Stonearabia, on the 19th Oct that all their buildings with all contained therein was consumed by fire, that the deceased soldier was exhausted with the firing of the cannon at the fort with some under his command, and that he hath discharged his duty faithfully, while having had a chance directing his cannon to do some execution upon the enemy.
            The applicant further states that she has omitted two tours worth noticing vizt that the deceased soldier was ordered out under Capt Henry Miller to march to Fort Timmerman, latter part of February and there stationed and continued until forepart in March, rendering garrison duty for two weeks, again in April the same company, ordered out under Capt. Miller to George Gettman there stationed, watching and guarding against the incursions of the common enemy, all which services has been rendered in the said year 1786.  Two weeks that claimant is sanguine? And afraid that her husband has and  was ordered out at various other times on tours and occurrences but impracticable to specify but certain that her husband was stationed at Fort Plain emediately after Browns Battle, and there continued in rendering his equal share of garrison duty, from that time until at least the latter part of November.
            1780 November—The applicant further and last says that her deceased husband has and did at least render the ? of five months services to the United States during the course of the year 1780 as aforesaid.
            1781.  The applicant further saith that from the early part in spring to late in fall, that her husband hath been almost continually engaged in rendering United States service often and frequently called out on alarms, generally stationed at Fort Paris, rendering his equal share of garrison duty.  Marching to Turlough at the time of Willett’s Battle by order of Col. Willett, Capt. Millers Company with Col. Klocks Regt—again latter part of July engaged in what is called Landmans Battle against a great force of Indians and Tories when the enemy took flight and left their encampment.
            Claimant further  saith, that on the 25th day of October same year her husband was ordered out with company under the command of Capt. Henry Miller and always understood by her husband as well as by others who have been engaged in Johnstown Battle under the command of Col. Willett against Maj’r Ross and Capt. Butler with their incendiaries from Canada.
            And Claimant further saith that  although normally impossible to specify each and every tour for and during said year, but do say that her husband at least has and did render the full length of five months service to and on behalf of the United States.
            1782.  And Claimant further saith that during said year, from the month of March until late in fall, the Indians continually have been lurking about in the woods scarcely any one week but being alarmed during the whole season, and more are to find a single month passing without meeting with some occurrence or occurrences which have been ??? on both sides of the Mohawk river vizt on the North Side of the said River in Palatine, composing the Reg’t of Col. Jacob Klock and on the south side of the river.  There Town of Canajohaire in the Reg’d commanded by Col. Sam’l Clyde, when murder, scalping, burning & prisoners taken to Canada was continued during the whole year and in consequences of the many and numerous occurrences during said season the Militia almost had to be continually engaged, watching & guarding against the incursions of the incendiaries, as also frequently and often pursuing them that claimant saith that she cannot fall short and do say that her husband has and did at least under the length of four months United States service during the course of this year.
            And claimant further state and declares that she cannot attend the court at Johnstown in consequence of bodily infirmities.  That she hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension or annuity except the present and declares that her name is not on the pension roll of the agency of any state.
            Claimant further and last says and declares that positively and most solemnly can declare that her deceased husband in his life time from the commencement of the year 1775 for and during the Revolutionary War until the conclusion ??? has been a faithful Revolutionary Militia Private Soldier and that he has and did at least render the length of two years and exceeding two years of service on behalf of the United States.  And further saith not.
            Sworn and subscribed this ? day of December 1836 before me.
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