Morrison's Pensions

Pension Application for Lockard Luse

Mary Luce, Widow
State of Pennsylvania
Washington County.
            Before the undersigned, a Justice of the Peace, in and for the county aforesaid, personally appeared Mary Luse, widow of Lockart Luse who being first duly sworn according to law, doth on her oath depose and make the following amended declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the provision made by the Act of Congress passed July 7th [?] That the said Lockart Luse on the 3d of December 1776 entered [?] soldier in Captain Tiebouts (1) company in the Third New York Regiment to serve during the war and accordingly he did serve to the end of the war, Captain Tiebouts Company however at the close of the war was attached to the First Regiment, (2) New York Line, I know that my husband the said Lockhart Luse obtained from the State of New York a tract of land granted to him for his Services in the Revolutionary War.  I know moreover that some of our family have been and seen one in the habit of spelling their surname differently, and I do positively declare that my husband the said Lockard Luse did some seven years in the New York Line during the Revolutionary War and on account of which, he received as I have stated a tract of land from the State of New York, that the name Lockard Lewis found on the records at Albany is undoubtedly intended for as it does identify my said husbandexactly corresponding with and proving his service and as he frequently was called Lockard Lewis.
(Signed with her mark)  Mary Luse
            Sworn and Subscribed this 7th day of April 1840 before me Geo, Passmore.  Justice of the Peace.

End Notes

  1. Captain Henry Tiebout’s company [Seventh] in colonel Peter Gansevoort’s Third New York Continental Regiment.  This regiment garrisoned Fort Schuyler and was there when it was besieged.
  2. In January of 1781—The first and Third New York Continental Regiments were consolidated.  Tiebout’s Company became part of the First New York under Colonel Goose Van Schaick.  Lockhart would have been in the YorkTown Cmapign of October 1781.

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