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Pension Application for Peter Miller

W.7456 (Wife Mary)
This pension is not legible, a little of the letter is and this is what I will transcribe.  I am not very sure of ANY of this application
September 24, 1934
Mrs. Smith was receiving a reply to her inquiry.
Dear Madam:
            Reference is made to your letter in which you request the Revolutionary War record of Peter Miller a pensioner of Haskins County, Tennessee.
            The Revolutionary War pensioner named above did not due in Tennessee.  There is no claim for pension on file based upon service of a Peter Miller who died in 1810 in Tennessee.  The record of the Monongalia County pensioner Peter Miller is given herein as found in pension claim, W.7456 based upon his service in the Revolutionary War.
            Peter Miller was born May 15, 1759 in Woodridge, New Jersey.  The names of his parents are not stated.
            He enlisted in May 1778 and served five months in Captain Blauvelt’s Company, Colonel Drake’s Regiment.  He enlisted date not stated, and served three months in Captain Parsons’ New Your Company.  He enlisted in the summer of 1777, served four months in Captain Marvin’s New York Company and was in several skirmishes.  He was frequently called out in the New Jersey militia during the residue of the war and helped to build Fort Montgomery and West Point.
            When five years of age he moved to the Highlands in Orange County, New York and about 1786 he moved from Orange County, New York to Monongalia County, Virginia.
            He was allowed pension on his application executed July 23, 1832 while a resident of Monongalia County, Virginia.
            He died April 20, 1838, place not stated.
            Soldier married February 8, 1785 in Goshen, New York, Mary her maiden name not give.  She was allowed pension on her application executed February 3, 1845 while a resident of Marion County, formerly a part of Monongalia County, Virginia, aged eighty-two years.
            No reference is made to children.
            One John Miller appeared in support of the claim in 1845, relationship to soldier not stated.
            The report which you stated is that of a genealogist, on above mentioned subject, is returned herewith as requested.
            Very truly yours.

A.D. Hiller, Assistant to Administrator.

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