Morrison's Pensions

Pension Application for James Morrison

State of New York
Albany County.
            On this fourteenth day of September 1825 personally appeared in Open Court (being a Court of record in and for the said County according to the solemn adjudications of the Supreme Court of this State and being a Court which proceeds according to the course of Common Law, with a jurisdiction unlimited in point of amount, keeping a record of its proceedings, and possessing the power of fine and imprisonment) James Morrison aged seventy one years resident in the Town of Watervliet in said County who being duly sworn according to Law doth on his oath declare, that he served in the Revolutionary War as follows, that in April or May 1775 he enlisted into Captain John Visscher’s Company and Col. Goose VanSchaick’s regiment for nine months—that he went with him under the command of Gen. Montgomery to Montreal & Quebec—that in the month of June 177[6 is crossed out] he was discharged—that in the month of May 1777 he again enlisted into Capt. Robison’s Company & Col. Livingston’s regiment—of the New York Line for nine months—that while in the service as above near Fort George in the month of September 1777 himself and about 60 they were taken prisoners by the British and sent to Ticonderoga from there to Quebec from there up to Kingston where he escaped from them and returned to the States in the month of Nov. 1778.
            And I do solemnly (d) swear that I was a resident citizen of the United States, on the 18th day of March, 1818; and that I have not, since that time, by gift, sale, or in any manner, disposed of my property, or any part thereof, with intent thereby so to diminish it, as to bring myself within the provisions of an act of Congress, entitled “An act to provide for certain persons engaged in the land and naval service of the United States, in the Revolutionary War,” passed on the 18th day of March, 1818; and that I have not, nor has any person in trust for me, any property, or securities, contracts, or debts, due to me, nor have I any income other than what is contained in the schedule thereto annexed, and by me subscribed. (e)  (Signed with his mark)  James Morriosn
            Schedule Real property, none.
            2 small pigs worth $2. 2 pots & tea kettles $2, an old table $1.     $5.
            3 knives & fork 25c, two cups & saucers 12 ½--1 hoe and axe $1.50   $1.87  Total $6.89 ½
            That his wife is about 58 years of age is quite unhealthy and weakly—that he is exceriencing the difficulties incident to old age and has become unable to support himself by labor—That one the 27th of July 1819 he made a declaration on oath before Gerit [Lansing?] Esqr. Judge of the City & County of Albany but has received no pension certificate.  (Signed with his mark)  James Morrison
            Sworn & declared in open court the 14 of Sept. 1820, H.A. Williams

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