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Pension Application for Peter Overbagh

R.16,874  (Widow: Catharine, maiden name Fiero.)
Depositions given by Catharine are too light to be read.  Married 2[?] day of June 1785, Protestant Dutch Reformed Church at Catskill.  Peter died 17th June 1829.
State of New York
Greene County SS.
            John Walker of the town of Broom County of Schoharrie being duly sworn deposeth and saith that he is now seventy two years of age that in the revolutionary war deponent resided in the town of Catskill County of Greene and well knew Peter Overbagh of the same place (since deceased) who was a half brother of deponent that said Peter Overbagh was a Soldier in the revolutionary war that as near as deponent can now recollect he the said Peter shortly after the commencement of the revolutionary war entered as a private soldier in a company commanded by Captain [blank] for the term of 9 or 10 months that said service was in the northern part of the State of New York near Lake George & Champlain at Forts Ticonderoga and Fort Edward and different places towards the Canadas that deponent recollects he the said Peter Overbaugh was absent from for more than half a year when he returned to the house where deponent then resided.  And this deponent further saith that the said Peter Overbagh was also absent from home on military duty at different times in the militia on the frontier of the County of greens for short periods that at one time he was in the levies or drafted militia for the term of two or three months and was stationed either at the middle Fort in the village of Schoharie or on the frontier in Albany Col. now Greene.  And this deponent further saith the said Peter Overbagh has on different in the revolutionary war being engaged as a soldier for at least fifteen or sixteen [months?] according to the best of deponents present recollection.
            And this deponent further saith that the said Peter Overbagh has been dead several years and left a widow whose maiden name was Cathrine Fiero, who is still living and as deponent was informed is an applicant for a pension.  And this deponent further saith that he recollects that the said Peter Overbagh was married to the said Catharine that deponent was not present but that he well recollects the time that it is more than fifty years and further this deponent saith not.  (Signed) John Walker
            Subscribed & sworn Augt 20, 1838, before me Ira Dubois Justice of Peace.

            The deposition from Catharine is so light, it is not legible.  From the little that can be read it looks like he enlisted early in the war, 1776, under General Schuyler for 8 or 9 months and served in the area of Lake George and Champlain.  In 1777 he enlisted under Captain Witbeck or William Snyder in Colonel Anthony VanBergens’ Regiment, stationed at Fort Edward, was in the retreat when Burgoyne came through.  In the fall he was discharged.  Next he was called out in Col. VanBergen’s Regiment for ours in Albany and Schoharie.   In 1781 or 782 was in Col. Willett's or Lewis Dubois Regiment.   He was in several battles and skirmishes with the Indians and Tories under Brant and Butler.

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