Morrison's Pensions

Pension Application for Daniel Frederick Bakeman

State of New York
Wyoming County SS
            On this 17th day of June 1867 before me the undersigned a Justice of the Peace duly authorized by Law to administer oaths within & for the County of Wyoming personally appeared Daniel Frederick Bakeman a Resident of Freedom, Cattaraugus County, NY who being by me duly sworn says that his age is 107 and that he is the identical Daniel Frederick Bakeman who enlisted in the Revolutionary Army in the Militia in Captain Vanarnum (1) Co. Col. Willett's Regt (2) his Co. & Regt he was [?] in that he served for four years being the last four years of said Revolutionary War & was then discharged from said service said discharge was to be absolute except in case of war with Great Britain—That is discharge & other papers were  burned about 70 years ago—And deponent further says that he is the identical Daniel Frederick Bakeman mentioned in an Act of Congress passed about January 25th 1867 granting the sum of $500 per year to John Gray & Daniel Frederick Bakeman.
           Deponent makes this Application in order to obtain the Pension due him by virtue of an Act of Congress passed about January 25th 1867.  And he hereby constitutes & appoints J. Same Johnson of Arcade Wyoming County NY his lawful attorney for him in his name to ask Demand & receive from the United States the pension due him by virtue of the Act of Congress aforesaid hereby revoking any & all powers [?] given by him for such purpose.  Chaunly Rogers, Sarah M. Reynolds, witnesses.
(Signed with his mark)  Daniel Frederick Bakeman
            Also appeared Chaunly Rogers and Sarah M. Reynolds persons whom I certify to be respectable &b entitled to credit who being duly sworn say that they were present & saw Daniel Frederick Bakeman make his mark & [disclose?] the same to be for his signature & [?] from his appearance & their acquaintance with him thus have every reason to believe him to be the identical person he represents himself to be & that they have no interest in this claim.  Sworn to before me this 17th day of June 1867 & I certify that Chaunly Rogers and Sarah M. Rogers have no interest in this claim.  [Hyclen ?] Barnes Justice Peace.

End Notes

  1. There is no Captain Van Arnum in Colonel Marinus Willett’s Regiment of New York State Levies.  A William Van Arnum did serve as a Lieutenant in Captain Joseph Harrison’s Company in 1781 in Colonel Willett’s Regiment.  However, Bakeman’s name does not show up on the 1781 payroll.  Even in under the various spellings such as Beakman, Beckman, Backman, Beekman, Beeckman, and Peekman, etc.
  2. The only name that comes close is Daniel Beckwith.  He served as a private in Captain Nathaniel Henry’s Company and then in Captain Peter B. Tearce’s Company in Willett’s Regiment.

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