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Pension Application for Richard Coppernoll

State of New York
Montgomery County
            On this twelfth day of December one thousand eight hundred the thirty-six personally appeared before the Hon. David F. Sacia a Judge of the Court of Common Pleas of the said County of Montgomery being a court of record, Elisabeth Coppernoll a resident of the Town of Palatine in the County of Montgomery and State of New York aged eighty three years who being first duly sworn according to law doth on her oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress passed July 4th 1836.
            That she is the widow of Richard Coppernoll who was a Sergeant, Ensign and Lieutenant in the Militia of the State of New York during the Revolutionary War and served as herein after stated that on the 9th day of August 1776, then a resident of the said Town of Palatine he entered the service of the United States as a Sergeant in the Company of Rangers commanded by Captain Christian Getman (1) within the bounds of the regiment commanded by Colonel Jacob Klock in General Nicholas Herkimer’s Brigade and served therein for a term of nine months (as this claimant verily believes in actual service) being ordered and marched to Stilwater [Stillwater] and Ticonderoga which tours if her memory serves her more than three months and the remainder in garrison at the forts in the valley of the Mohawk and ranging in scouting parties for the protection of the inhabitants of the frontier settlements of Tryon County for the proof of which service the muster and pay roll of the company will prove and which as this claimant has reason to believe are now on file at the War Department.
            That at the expiration of his service in this company, he received a commission of ensign and of [???] and Second Lieutenant in Captain Andrew Dillenbach’s (2) Company in the Regiment of colonel Klock where he was actively engaged during the whole period of the war but to specify the particular tours or the period of each she cannot of her own knowledge and recollection particularly specify, but must depend on what proof she has been able to collect for her proof she has been able to collect for her hopes of obtaining the provision provided by said act.
           That claimants husband held the offices stated in this declaration in the records in the Secretary’s office of this state fully prove except that captain of which this claimant has reason to believe is omitted the through mistake or else he was rec’d [received] his commission as such from the Committee of Safety of the County.  The office of Captain must have been presumed by the witnesses from the service of 1st Lieutenant performed by claimant’s husband.  That he was in the Battle at Johnstown and at Stone Arabia as set forth in the proof hereto annexed and had the command of the company she well remembers to have heard stated at the time but that he held a commission of Captain at that time she has reason to doubt as the records above stated do not prove that his commissions have been lost and as this claimant believes were burnt with the fort at Stone Arabia and that she has no other documentary evidence in support of his claim except the rolls and state records above mentioned. 
           She further declares that she was married to the said Richard Coppernoll on the 28th day of March seventeen hundred and seventy five that her husband the aforesaid Richard Coppernoll died on the 14th day of July one thousand eight hundred and twenty two and that she has remained a widows since that period as will more fully appear refferance  to the proof hereto annexed..
(Signed with her mark) Elisabeth Coppernoll
            Sworn to and subscribed on the day and year above written before D. F. Sacia Judge of Montgomery Courts.
Richard Coppernoll W16542
[Two pages from the family Bible were also included in the pension application.]

1775 March the 28

Rich’d Coppernoll Maried [sic] Elizabeth Lous [Loucks, Laux etc.]

1776 July the 11 was borne

My son Georee [George R.]

1778 April the 11 war borne

My son Henrick

1780 January the 1 Meria [Maria]

My touter [daughter] was borne

1782 September the 6 was Borne

My son Rich’d

1785 February the 24 was Borne

My son Adam

1788 November the 16

My touter Eve was Borne

1790 February the 6

My touter Elizabeth was Borne

1794 September the 21 war Borne

My son Jacob

April 23 In the year 1748

Rich’d Coppernoll was Borne


My wife Elizabeth was Borne May the 22 1753

            On the bottom of the second page which had his wife’s and his date of birth are entries for an account for various things but there are no dates.
            3 ½ Laves Broat [Loaves Bread] --.0—3—6
To a Hors[e] for your wive –2—
              4—0—6    3—4—[sic]
To—1 Load of Fier Wood 0—3—0
To Billing [building] Fence Bess [Posts?] half a day 0—5—0

End Notes for Richard Coppernoll W16542

  1. Richard served in Getman’s Company of Rangers and was discharged on the 27th of March 1777.
  2. Richard was appointed Ensign in Captain John Keyser’s Company in Colonel Klock’s regiment on the 26th of August 1775.
                Captain Keyser joined the Second New York Continental Regiment in 1775.  He later died in November 1775.  This Keyser should not be confused with the John Keyser who later became a Captain in Colonel Klock’s Regiment.
                On the 25th of June 1778, Richard received his commission as Second Lieutenant in the late Captain Dillenbach’s Company.
                Dillenbach was killed at the Battle of Oriskany on the 6th of August 1777 having the rank of Captain.  Richard actually was already appointed Second Lieutenant in said Company.  Richard was also at Oriskany although his widow didn’t mention it.
                First Lieutenant Severinus Klock was promoted to Captain in place of Dillenbach and Richard was promoted to First Lieutenant and received his commission on the 4th of March 1780.
  3. The Battle of Stone Arabia was fought on the 19th of October 17880 and the Battle of Johnstown on the 25th of October 1781

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