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Pension Application for Henry Flander

State of New York
Montgomery Couny, SS

On this the 21 day of September 1832 personally appeared before the undersigned appeared at the Court of Common Pleas of said county now sitting Henry Flander a resident of the Town of Oppenheim in the County and State aforesaid aged seventy two years on Dec 29 1831 who begins first duly sworn in on his oath made the forthcoming declarations in order obtain the benefit of the provision made by the act of Congress passed in June 7th, 1832, and he cited that service of the United States in the Revolutionary War in the militia of said state as a private served as herein after stated, viz: about twenty eighth day of March 1776 he enlisted as a private for nine months in the company whereof Christian Getman was Cap't; Jancey? Billington, Lieut; Jacob Simmons, Ensign thereof in the Reg't of Ebenezer Cox, the other field officers of said Reg't he does not remember of seeing during said nine months and does not recollect their names, -- that he resided in the Town of Palatine in County when he enlisted as was aforesaid, that the company aforesaid acted as rangers,-- that immediately after he was so enlisted as aforesaid he was marched with the said company from Palatine to the East Canada Creek, thence to the Garoga Lake in the then County of Tryon, thence to Sacandaga, thence to Johnstown, thence to Palatine aforesaid where this said company remained about four months, and thence was marched to Albany and from thence to Ticonderoga where he remained about three months,-- that at Ticonderoga Col. Ebenezer Cox arrived with the Fourth Militia where Col. Cox commanded as this officer in said company in which induced him to think and believe that his company belonged to the said Reg't at Ticonderoga there were Continental troops but does not think what Reg't of Continental was there nor these Continental officers that commanded there, -- that he left said service of enlistment about the first of March 1777, having served, longer than his period of enlistment that about the enlistment of 1777, he was called out into the militia there at said time into the company where of a Nicholas Rechter was Capt., John Scholl was Lieu't and he thinks John Jost Scholl was Ensign the the Reg't where Jacob Klock was Col. Peter Waggoner was called Lieu't Col. and the Major's name he cannot say but thinks Christopher Fox was major of said Reg't and that he then resided in the then Town of Palatine in said County when he entered the last mentioned service that the said Company and Reg't marched from the Town of Palatine to Herkimer's Fort, where he was taken sick for remained at the Fort towne and detained by sickness which prevented him being engaged in the Oriskany battle and was then in the service about six days when he returned home being about the Sixth or so of Aug't 1777 when he left said last mentioned service which at the said fort he understood the Oriskany Battle had been fought--about the 10th of April 1778 he enlisted as a boatman for nine months in the Company of John Lefler Cap't,-- there was no other officers he recollects, he was marched in said company to Albany where his company remained about a month from there down the South River to Co???an where he remained about a fortnight from thence to Kings Ferry where the said company remained thence was (can't read) say, from camp, where he saw Gen. Washington and enlisted to ferry troops over river (can't read) Gen. Washington's army was near (can't read one line) from Kings Ferry down the River to Poughkeepsie with flour as for the army of Gen. Washington where he continued some time and can't recall how long remained at TarryTown some time, left the said Continental service about first of January 1779, served as last aforesaid for about nine months when he was dismissed, returned home, --that he resided in Town of Palatine when he enlisted in said last mentioned service,--that about the middle of May 1779 he was called out and returned to the service in the company where Nicholas Rechter was Cap't; John Scholl Lieut; John Jost Schol, Ensign; of said company in the Reg't where Jacob Klock was Col. Christopher Fox major of said Reg't and cannot recollect officers of said Reg't that he then also resided in the Town of Palatine in said county when he continued as aforesaid said last mentioned service that the said company marched about five miles northward then the said town and left the service about 20 May 1779 having served about three days, -- that Cap't Rechtor was wounded about this time by the Indians and Tories in his own house in defending it that he was not there present that he returned home, saw no other officers or troops than that of the said company last named, that about 25 May 1779 he was a private the company of John Hess, Cap't Jacob G. Klock Lieu't and cannot remember the Ensign name of said company in the Reg't of Col. Jacob Klock, Peter Waggoner, Lieut Col.; and Christopher Fox Major of said Reg't and left this service about the first of April 1780 and served during said time as a private for about six months in said company he resided in the said Town of Palatine in the County aforesaid when he entered said last mentioned service and acted during said six months on scouting parties except about fourteen days, he was at what was called Ox-fort, that he served during said period from 25 May 1779 to 1st April 1780 about six months fourteen days of which time he was at Ox-Fort, being a small fort in the now County of Herkimer and that he cannot recollect the country they marched over during said time, but it was in and about the now County of Montgomery and Herkimer not going any great distance from the Town of Palatine that he said during said time no other officers or troops than that belonging to the company to which he was attached, that the residue of this time he was at home and not in service, when at Ox-fort he was in the service as aforesaid that about this first day of March 1781 he volunteered (can't read) the company of Cap't Laurence Gros for nine months, that the name of his Lieut ??? (can't read) was as he can remember were Toop and Buckey? two young men whose names he cannot recollect in the Reg't whereof Marinus Willet was Col. and cannot recollect the names of the other field officers except Jelles Fonda who acted as adjutant in said Regiment and entered said company the 1st March 1781 at Palatine in said county where he then resided, from Palatine he was marched to Fort Plain where Col. Willett commanded and remained there for nine months except when he was marched to the Town of Sharon then called Durlock in said company and accompanied by the said Col. Willet and the other named field officers where he was engaged in the Durlock battle against the Tories and Indians commanded by one Dockstader as was said, the Tories and Indians retreated and I returned after the battle to Fort Plain--Capt McKean was wounded in said battle of which he died -- I left said service about the first of January 1782 having served out said nine months and was discharged but lost same and returned home -- that he now recollects that during said nine months and shortly after the battle at Durlock aforesaid he was marched from Fort Plain to Caughnawaga village from there to Johnstown in pursuit of Major Ross at Johnson Hall near Johnstown the American forces commanded by Col. Willet had an engagement with the British forces at Johnson Hall and the British retreated and the American forces followed the British to the West Canada Creek--that he was in the said last mentioned engagement battle at Johnson Hall -- at the West Canada Creek the American forces stopped pursuit and after, he returned home when his service expired as aforesaid -- that he has no documentary evidence of his service aforesaid and that no clergyman resides in his neighborhood, that he was born 29 Sept 1759 in the County of Albany (the Town not remembered) as he understood that he has seen a record of his age but does not know where the same now is, that he resides in the Town of Palatine County of Mongtomery and State of New York when he entered the service these several times before mentioned--since the revolutionary war he resided in the Town of Oppenheim in said County of Montgomery and now lives in the same place, that he volunteered in Cap't Laurence Gros' company as aforesaid and the other times he was called on by his officers as before mentioned, that he has given all the information as to his services and the country marched through by him that he professed that he is known to Dennis Augustus Flander and Frederick Baum who can testify as to his character for serving as a soldier of the revolution and then (can't read). He hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension or annuity except the present and declares that his name is not on the Pension Roll of the agency of any state, that no clergyman resides in his neighborhood.

Henry (X)

Sworn this 21 day of Sept. 1832 before me in open court.

Geo D. Ferguson, Clerk

We, Frederick Baum and John I. Failing residents of the Town of Oppenheim County of Montgomery and state of New York thereby testify that we are well acquainted with Henry Flander who has subscribed and sworn to the above declarations, that we believe him to be seventy two years of age and that he reported and he lived in the neighobrhood where he resides and has been a soldier of the revolution that we concur in that opinion.

Fred'k Baum (his X Mark) John I. Failing

Sworn and signed this day on the aforesaid in open court.

Geo. D. Ferguson, Clerk

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