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Pension Application for Timothy Murphy

In this case, the application is a request for Widow’s Benefits and is impossible for me to read but there was a letter included in the application which doesn’t tell a lot about Murphy’s service. The marriage mentioned here is his second marriage after his first wife died. Murphy died from throat cancer.

September 8, 1929
Timothy Murphy R 16668

Mr. W. U. O’Brien
3878 Carron Place
New York

Dear Sir:

Reference is made to your request for information relative to Timothy Murphy, a Revolutionary War soldier who served in Colonel Daniel Morgan’s Rifle Corps.

The data which follow were taken from papers on file in pension claim, R 16668, based on the military service of the only Timothy Murphy that is found in the Revolutionary War records of this office.

On October 18, 1860, Mary Murphy, a resident of Davenport, Delaware County, New York, aged seventy-seven years, applied for pension as the widow of Timothy Murphy. It was alleged that Timothy Murphy served during most of the Revolutionary War and that in 1780 he was serving as private in Captain Isaac Bogart’s company in Colonel John Harper’s New York regiment. The claim was not allowed, as proof of the alleged service was not furnished in accordance with the requirement of the pension law.

It was stated that solder and Mary Robertson were married April 22, 1811, at Middleburgh, Delaware County, New York. The following persons were present at the marriage, all of whom were dead in 1860; James Robertson, Elizabeth Robertson and Peter Robertson, their relation to the widow not shown.

Timothy Murphy died June 17, 1818, at Middleburgh, New York and he and the said Mary had the following children: George who was the eldest and died when about five years of age, and Charles, Timothy and Alexander who survived their father but the dates of their deaths were not shown.

In 1860 one John Robertson (relationship not shown) aged seventy-five years and a resident of Worcester, Otsego County, New York, stated that he had been acquainted with the soldier, Timothy for a number of year befo9re he died.

The date and place of birth of Timothy Murphy and the names of his parents are not shown.

Very truly yours
A.D. Hiller
Executive Assistant to the Administrator.

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