Morrison's Pensions

Disability Pay for Johannes Petri, Wounded at Oriskany

WE, THE SUBSCRIBERS Abraham Ten Broeck and Peter Fansevoort Junr.
            Do certify that upon an examination in pursuance of the Law, entitled, “AN ACT making Provision for Officers, Soldiers an dSeamen, who have been diabled in the Service of the United States.”  Passed the 22d of April, 1786, WE do find that Johannes Petri [Petry, Petrie, etc.] residing in the State of New York—aged Thirty Seven years.
            Late a private in Capt. [Jacob] Snells Company in the Regiment of Militia Commanded by Colonel [Peter] Billinger [Bellinger, Pellinger, etc.] and claiming Reflief under the Acto of Congress created in the said Law, as an Invalid in Fact, and that he became disabled in the Service of the United States, in consequence of a Wound thro’ the Shoulder & Back at the Battle of Orisko [Oriskany] 6th of Augt 1777.
            And Do further Certify, that upon the Principles of the said Act of congress, the said Johannes Petri is entitled to the Pay of One Dollar per Month.
            GIVEN under our Hands, in the City of Albany, on the Twenty Second Day of September in the year of our Lord, One Thousand and Eighty-Seven.
            Abm Ten Broeck           
            Peter Gansevoort Junr
Special Collections and Manuscripts, Doc. No. 11965:20, New York State Library, Albany, N.Y.

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