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Pension Application for Arent Pootman  or Aaron Putman

Widow:  Claartje, Clara, Catharine
State of New York
County of Schenectady SS
            On this 24th day of August in the year 1850 appeared before the undersigned county Judge of the County of Schenectady and State of New York and as such County Judge Surrogate of said County Jemima Clute wife of John G. Clute of Niskayuna in said County of Schenectady who being sworn according to law in order to obtain the benefit of the Acts of Congress granting pension to officers and soldier their widows and children of those who served in the Revolutionary War, Declares and says that she is the daughter of Aaron Putman who as this deponent is informed and believes served in the Militia of the State of New York in the Revolutionary War for a period over two years, at least and as she is also informed & believes during the most if not the whole of the said war under Captain Jelles Fonda, Thomas A. Bancker, John Mynderse,(1) John Ziele (2) & John Little (3), under Colonels F. Fisher, Wemple and Klock, and also as a Butcher in the Commissary Department in Schenectady under Henry Glen. (4) That the said Aaron Putman served to the end of the war.    That the said Aaron was often called Arent & Arnt which is the Dutch for Aaron: That the said Aaron Putman was married to Claartje Vedder (which is called in English sometimes Catharine & at other times Clara, by which names she was called on the 18th of April 1764, [date of marriage] as will appear by the Records of the Dutch Church in the City of Schenectady: That her said father died after the war leaving her said mother and this deponent and Christian their children him surviving that the said Christian shortly after died leaving this deponent the only child surviving: and the said mother of the deponent never married again but remained a widow till in the month of March 1837 when she died leaving this deponent her surviving : And this deponent was married to John G. Clute in the year 1807.  This Deponent is now seventy six years old and very infirm.  The reason this deponent has not sooner made this application is that she had no knowledge, information or belief that she had any claims by reason of the services of her father and this Deponent has reason to believe that her said mother was also ignorant of that fact herself in regard to her claim. That she was 96 years old when she died.  (Signed) Jemima Clute.
            Sworn & subscribed in the Surrogates Court of Schenectady County before me this 24th day of August 1850.  S. W. Jorsesy, County Judge. SS.

State of New York
City & Bounty of Schenectady SS
            Peter Van Vranken of the town of Niskayuna in the said County of Schenectady being duly sworn says: that Aaron Putman was this Deponents uncle, that he was well acquainted with him previous to the Revolutionary war, during that war, and until he died; That said Aaron Putman was attached to the Army and Served in the capacity of a Butcher to the Army and served as such as he was informed & believes this deponent was at that time a boy but well recollects him, and this deponent recollects that the said Aaron Putman went to Albany for the purpose of getting pay for his services in said war.  The said Aaron told this deponent that on one occasion that he had been there but was unable at that time to obtain his wages.  Henry Glen was the a Commissary for the army and stationed at the City of Schenectady, and this deponent then understood & believes & has no doubt of the fact that he was attached to the commissary department, and performed the duty of a Butcher for the Army.  That said Aaron Putman was married to Clara Vedder.  That the said Aaron died before his wife.  That his said wife died about 10 or 12 years ago—this deponent cannot be positive as to the precise times that the said Aaron & Clara has two children, and son and a daughter.  The son has long since died--leaving their daughter Jemima surviving who is married to John G .Clute.  That this deponent is in his seventy sixth year.  (Signed) Peter Van Vranken
            Sworn and subscribed to the 11th day of April 1849.  And I do certify that I am personally acquainted with the above deponent, that he is a respectable citizen and a man of truth and veracity.  Thomas Palmer, Commissioner of Deeds.

End Notes: Aaron Putman R.8531

    1. Captains Jellis J. Fonda, Thomas A. Bancker, and John Mynderse (Mynderson, etc.) were in Colonel Abraham Wemple’s Second Regiment of Albany County Militia.  Aaron may have served in one or all three companies at different times.  There is also an Aaron/Arent I. and Aaron L. who served in Bancker’s And Mynderse’s Companies.
    2. The Aaron in Captain John Zeely’s (Zeilie) Company in Colonel Jacob Klock’s Second Regiment of Tryon County Militia is a different person.
    3. The Aaron in Captain John Little’s Company in Colonel Frederick Visscher’s (Fischer, Fisher, etc.) Third Regiment of Tryon County Miliita, was killed on May 22, 1780 along with his father Lodowick.
    4. Henry Glen, Deputy Quartermaster General.  Aaron while serving as a butcher would have been considered a civilian working for the military and would have received a higher wage than a soldier acting as a butcher

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