Morrison's Pensions

Partial Pension Application for Abraham J. Quackenboss

Pension No. R8537 (N.Y.), Town of Glen, Montgomery County, N.Y., age 72 years, Sept. 19, 1832.  Private in Capt. Jacob Gardinier's Company in Col. Visscher's Regt.

And this deponant further says that he was engaged in the American service the time the Battle was fought Between the Americans and British at Johnstown at the Hall Farm that Captain Jacob Gardinier was his Captain.  The Americans were commanded by Col. Marinus Willett and the enemys forces by Major Ross.  That this deponant discharged fourteen rounds during the Battle and the Americans retook a cannon which had been lost during the Battle, that on our side one Rowley was shot in the lower part of the leg, the day after the Battle was fought this deponant assisted in Burying the dead.  In the morning the day the Battle was fought this deponant was sent on express from Cagnawaga up the Mohawk River to notify some of the American troops near flat creek a little southeast from Canajoharie that the British forces were at Warrensbush in the Town of Florida & on their march to Johnstown.

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