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Pension Application for John Sager

W.19001  (Widow: Catharine)
B.L.Wt.7788-100 pvt Issued July 22, 1790.
Private, Colonel VanSchaick
State of New York
Tompkins County SS.
            John Sager of the town of Ulysses in the County of Tompkins and State of New York being duly sworn deposeth and saith that in the year 1777 he Inlisted as a private in the service of the United States on the Continental Establishment for during the war against the common enemy—at the City of Albany as a private in the Company commanded by Captain John TenBroeck in col. goose VanSchaick’s Regiment it being in the New York Line & served under Capt. Tenbroeck until he this deponent was detached to the Infantry in the company commanded by Captain Bleecker when this deponent went from Albany he marched to Saratoga & from thence to Lake George and was stationed at that place until the taking of Ticonderoga by Burgoyne from thence to Fort Stanwix and was at that place for some time from thence to Schenectady from thence to West Point from thence to Valley Forge in the State of New Jersey from thence to the Battle of Monmouth & from thence to West Point & from thence to Virginia & was at the taking of Lord Cornwallis & from thence to SnakeHill near the Village of NewBurgh at which place he was duly & regularly discharged on or about the 8th of June 1783 after having served in the United States Army against the common enemy for more than six years & he further says that although he had a regular discharge he is unable to produce the same having lost it some years ago & he further says that having a large family to support & having had the misfortune to lose one of his legs & from his reduced circumstances he needs the assistance of his country for support.—That he is not apprised of any pension –having heretofore been allowed [?] by the laws of the United States and that he hereby releases and relinquishes his claim to every pension heretofore allowed him by the laws of the United States.  (Signed with his mark)  John Sager
            Subscribed & sworn to this 14th day of April 1818 before me.  John Ellis one of the Judges of Tompkins Com. Pleas.

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