Morrison's Pensions

Bounty Land, John Santford

The Secretary of War.
            Will please deliver the Land Warrant, due the heirs of the late Capt. John Sanford, of the New York Line for his services during the Revolutionary War to the Honorable Elisha Litchfield:--and his receipt shall be good for the same.—
            New York Feb’y 26th 1824.  Hannah Santford, Elizabeth Davis
            Witness—Mat. W. Davis

City and County of New-York, SS.
            I, James Campbell, surrogate of the City and County of New-York, certify, That on the day of the date hereof before me came, Freeman Hopkins and Mathew W. Davis of the City of New York, who being duly sworn, depose and say, that they are well acquainted with Hanah Santford, now about forty nine years of age—John Santford (if living) now about forty one years of age—Elizabeth Santford (now Elizabeth Davis) now about forty four years of age—and know them to be the only – Legitimate children of the late John Santford A captain in the Revolutionary Army and his wife Susan, and these deponents further say, that the said Hanah John and Elizibeth were the only children of the said Capt. John Santford and Susan his wife.  Freeman Hopkins, Mat. W. Davis
            All which is to me satisfactory proof, that the said Hanah John and Elizibeth are the only legitimate heirs of said Capt. John Santford.
            In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and seal of office, the twelfth day of February in the Year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty four and of the Independence of the United States the (signed) James Campbell.

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