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Pension Application for Leonard Schermerhorn

Mayor’s Court Present his honor James Mc[?] Judge
State of New York
Albany County SS.
            On this 1st day of December 1835 personally appeared in open court before the Major’s Court now sitting Leonard Schermerhorn a resident of the Town of Knox in the County of Albany and State of New York aged 78 years, who being first duly sworn according to law, doth on his oath, make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress passed June 7th 1832. 
            That he entered the service of the United States in the Militia of the State of New York, and served as is herein stated. 
            I enlisted in a company commanded by a Capt. McCArthy in the Town of Coeymans in the County of Albany in the early part of the month of June, we marched immediately after my enlistment it being the year 1777 to Albany and from Albany we marched to Fort Edward and was at Fort Edward in the month of July 1777.  Genl. Phillip Schuyler had the command of the American Army at that time as near as I can now recollect our army was obliged to retreat from Fort Edward, the British Army under the command of Genl. Burgoyne was in pursuit of the American Army.  The American Army retreated until we got to Saratoga and Stillwater, near the Hudson River and impeded the progress of the British Army considerably by cutting down trees and taking up and destroying bridges.  The British Army were still in pursuit of us on or about the 20th day of August.  Genl. Gates took the commanded of the American Army (1777).
            We was then attached to a company commanded by Capt. Vedder.  A few days after Genl Gates took the command of the American Army we had a hard fight with the British Army under Burgoyne in which many were killed on both sides after this we had continual skirmishes with the British Army until the 6th or 7th day of Oct. 1777.  When we had a general agreement with the British Army we fought on till dark.  A few days after the 7th the whole British Army surrendered to the Americans.
            I distinctly recollect the burning of Genl. Schuyler’s house by the British.  I was present when Genl. Arnold was wounded at the great Battle of Saratoga.  I had at that time his boot, and saw in it where the ball passed through.  This same Genl. Arnold afterwards proved a traitor to the American cause.  Col. Brooks was killed by my side.  After the battle of Saratoga, I went to Schoharie in a company commanded by Capt. Waldron to protect the Middle Fort, so called in the Town of Middleburgh, to the best of my knowledge, where I performed duty, 2 months and seven days in scouting and picket guard.  A Col. by the name of Vrooman commanded the garrison or soldiers at the Middle Fort.
            From the time I entered the service in June 1777 to the time I left at Schoharie was 6 months and 20 days service.  After this time I was employed in civil pursuits until the fall of the year 1778 when I was employed in cutting wood.  I was enlisted under a Col. Schermerhorn on or about the 15th day of Oct 1778 and was nine months or until over that time in cutting and drawing wood to Albany for the use of the troops stationed or garrisoned there.
            After 9 months service and some days in cutting and drawing wood, I left service and was not after that time on duty.  And further that I know of only one person now living who knew that I was in the revolution war and the person is John L. Schermerhorn, a distance connection of mine.
            Interrogatories by the Court.
            To the 1st Interrogatory.  Ans.  Was born in Red Hook now Dutchess County in the year 1757.
            To the 2d.  Ans.  Have no record of my age.
            To the 3.  And I lived in Coeyman’s immediately after the war I lived in Troy and have for many years past lived in Bern and Knox in Albany County and now reside in Knox, Albany County.
            To the 4th.  Ans.  I was entered and once as a substitute do not recollect for whom as a substitute.
            To the 5th Interrogatory.  Ans.  During my service in the American Army, I remember the names of Genl Philip Schuyler, Genl Gates and Genl Ten Broeck, Col. VAndeburgh, Col. Arnold, Col. Wemple & Brooks, Maj TenEyck and Captains McCarthy, Vedder, Waldron, Van Wee and Winne.  I was personally acquainted with most of the officers above enumerated, the general circumstances of his services are all previously stated.
            To the 6th.  Ans.  I never had a discharge.
            To the 7th.  Ans.  I am well acquainted with Albert Gallup Esqr and Jacob D. Settle, and personally acquainted with the [?] Wm. [?]/  The stated preacher in our vicinity has recently removed to New Jersey, his name was Jacob Van Arsdale.
            And I do hereby relinquish every claim to a pension, or annuity except the present and declares that his name is not on the pension roll of the agency of the State of (if any) only the agency of the State of New York.  (Signed) Leonard Schermerhorn
            Sworn and subscribed the day and year aforesaid in open court.  C. A. TenEyck, Clerk.

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