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Pension Application for Joseph Schoonover

Orange County SS.
            Joseph Schoonover being duly sworn saith that he is the same person named in the annexed Declaration that he served the United States for the times specified in the said Declaration during the Revolutionary War and during the several periods therein sated, he was not engaged in any civil employment that in the service he was engaged there was but few troops at a time that he never but once had an officer over him that ranked as high as Major and that was Major Decker at whose house deponent was stationed.  That in the three terms of his enlistment deponent served ten months that Captain Cuddeback belonged to Col. Hetfields Regiment in the Continental Line there never being more than one company out at a time while deponent was out as they was stationed on the Indian frontier and in case of an alarm from the Indians the Malitia would be informed and that in his Malitia [sic] service he never was out with more than one company at a time and never served in the militia when there was an officer who ranked higher than Captain and once when there was no officer ranking higher than a Seargeant [sic]—that there is not an officer or soldier now living within five hundred miles of this deponent who served with him that Captain Westfall moved into the territory of Michigan ten or twelve years ago and if he is living he is the only person now living who served with this deponent that this deponent is poor and unable to procure the testimony of Captain Westfall if he is now living and that deponent don’t know his residence & therefore cannot procure his affidavit by mail if he is still living of which this deponent is ignorant.  And this deponent further saith that Captain Westfall belonged to Colonel Hetfields Regiment and further saith not.  (Signed with his mark)  Joseph Schoonover
            Sworn & subscribed this 15th day of June 1833 before me, Ch’s Monell, a Supreme Court Commissioner for Orange County.

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