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Pension Application for Peter Scofield

W.17782  (Widow: Hannah.  Married April 20, 1778.  Married at the Presbyterian Church in Lewisboro (formerly South Salem) Westchester County.)
Private in a company commanded by Captain Scofield, Regiment commanded by Col. Crane, NY State Line.
State of New York
County of Otsego SS.
            On this sixth day of July in the year one thousand eight hundred and forty nine personally appeared before me Hiram Kinne Surrogate of said County in open court, Hannah Scofield a resident of the town of Laurens in the county of Otsego aforesaid in the State of New York aforesaid aged eighty eight years who being first duly sworn doth on her oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the provision made by the Act of Congress passed June 7, 1832, granting arrears of pension to certain widows.  That she is the widow of Peter Schofield who was a private in the Army of the Revolution and served as such in the War of the Revolution more than one year under the following officers vi, Lieut. Daniel Bouton in Col. Thaddeus Crane’s regiment Capt. Ebenezer Scofield in said Col. Crane’s Regiment and under Samuel Lewis in said Col Crane’s Regiment.  That this deponent and Peter Schofield her late husband resided in the Town of Poundridge County of Westchester State aforesaid at the time he the said Peter Scofield entered the service in the said army and that he served at the times and places and in the manner set forth in the declaration of this deponent and proof furnished by her now on file in the Pension Office of the United States.  That she was married to the said Peter Scofield at the time and place set forth in the said proof as reference being thereto had will fully and at large appear and to which said declaration and proof this deponent refers as a part of this declaration and this deponent further says that the said Peter Scofield her said late husband died at the town of Laurens aforesaid on the thirteenth day of August in the year one thousand eight hundred and thirty three that she has ever since remained and now is his widow.
            And this deponent further says that the said Peter Scofield never drew a pension.  (Signed with her mark)  Hannah Scofield.
            Sworn and subscribed in open court before me.  In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of the said court this sixth day of July in the year one thousand eight hundred and forty nine and I certify that the reason why the above named Hannah Scofield makes her mark is that she has become unable to write that I am personally acquainted with her and know her to be the identical person who made and is described in the foregoing declaration that she is of good moral character and worthy of belief.  Hiram Kinne, Surrogate.

Letter dated July 18, 1904, written in response to a request for information.
            In reply to your inquiry, you are advised that Hannah, widow of Peter Scofield, aged eighty-six years, residing at Laurens, NY applied for pension March 13, 1847.  She stated that he first enlisted in 1776, at Poundridge, NY and served six months as a private under Capt. Henry Slawson and Col. Drake.  He next served under Lieut. Daniel Bouton, next under Capt. Ebenezer Scofiled, and next under Capt. Samuel Lewis.  These three terms were all in Col. Drake’s regiment and dates of enlistment and length of service are not stated.  He was engaged in the battle of White Plains.
            He married Hannah Fancher, April 20, 1778, at Poundridge, NY and died August 13, 1833, at Lauren’s NY.  She was pensioned as his widow, for service of twelve months and twenty-four days.

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