Morrison's Pensions

Pension Application for David Scott

R.9308 (Widow: Mary)
State of New York
Montgomery County SS.
            On this ninth day of March AD One Thousand Eight hundred and fifty two, personally appeared before me, Samuel Belding a County Judge of the county aforesaid, Mary Scott the widow of David Scott, deceased aged seventy nine years, who being first duly sworn according to law, doth, on her oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the provision made by the Acts of Congress passed on the 2th day of April 1818, Act of 7th June 1832, Act of July 4th 1836, Act of the 3rd March 1837, Act of July 7th 1838, Act of March 3rd 1843, and of June 17th 1844 & Feby 2nd 1848 & of July 29th 1848 and of 17th June 1832 & act of Feby 22nd 1849.
            That she cannot tell when she was married to David Scott, but knows that she was twenty years old at the time of her marriage [1793?] to the said David, who was a fifer in the company commanded byCaptain Cherry in the Regiment commanded by Colonel Willet, in the war of the Revolution—cannot state what time the said David entered the service, or how long he continued in it, but often heard her said husband say that he had been in the service, in the Revolutionary War, and related many circumstances, of suffering and hardship experienced by him during said service has often heard him say that he was regularly and honorably discharged somewhere in New England and on his way home was compelled to sell his shoe buckles to obtain food.  I have seen my husband discharge and have had it in my possession but it is lost or destroyed, deponent believes that her said husband was in the service during the last year of said war, that her marriage to the said David, took place at the town of Manheim (then Montgomery County) at her father’s house.  That her father’s name was Conrad Timmerman, that she was married by one Rev’d Mr. Dyslin, a Dutch minister, but has no record of her marriage and cannot state the time.  She has made several efforts to find a church record of her marriage but is informed that many of the records of said Dyslin are destroyed having been kept upon loose pieces of paper.
            That her said husband died at a place called Gorham near Canandaigua in the County of Ontario, NY but she is unable to state the year or day in which her said husband died but believes it to have been in the month of August and has no record of his death but from her best recollection her said husband died about thirty years ago.  (Signed with her mar)  Mary Scott.  Chauncey Ehle [witness?]
            Subscribed & sworn to before me at Minden in the County of Montgomery this 9th day of March 1852.  S. Belding, County Judge of Montgomery County and I certify that the Declarant is unable to attend court for the purpose of making her declaration by reason of sickness.  S. Belding, County Judge of Montgomery County.

State of New York
County of Montgomery SS.
            On this seventeenth day of December 1851, before me a justice of the peace within and for the county and state aforesaid, personally appeared John Moyer, aged eighty year, a resident of the town of Canajoharie in the county and state aforesaid, who being duly sworn according to law deposes and says that he was acquainted with David Scott in his life time and also his widow the present applicant for a pension, that he was acquainted with the said David Scott during the Revolutionary War, and saw him in the service in said war, at what was called Fort Plan, and it has always been understood and reported that the said David Scott was in the service in said War, as a waiter for the Captain, but cannot remember the name of the captain.  (Signed) John Moyan

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