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Pension Application for John Scureman

W.24921 (Widow: Catharine)  John died December 1, 1832.  Catharine states her name before marriage to John was Catherine Loder and they were married in Greenwich Township, Warren County NJ on or about the 15th day of November 1818 by one Gardner Hunt, a minister.
            Western district of the State of New Jersey in the County of Warren on this 28th of September in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred and thirty two personally appeared before me Garret Leary Esqr, one of the Judges of the Court of Common [Pleas] in and for the said County of Warren John Scureman a Resident of Sobery of said County who being unable to appear in  open court by reason of old age and bodily infirmaties who being duly sworn according to law doth on his oath make the tollowing declaration in order to obtain the bennifit of the act of Congress passed June the seventh eighteen hundred and thirty two saith that he don’t know his age directly on account that he was an orphan and no recorde kept of his age as he knows—but thinks his age to be about seventy five he was born in the City of New York—that he entered the service of the United States under the following named officers and served as herein stated.  Under one Coln. Malcom his Captain’s name was Allen.  Both officers of the City of New York that he entered in the nine month services the day and year not recollected but it was at the time the British army lay on Long Island that he was under arms in New York—When the City was taken by the British army the British entered by a place called Halgate the Americans then retreated to a place called harlim that they had a scrimmage with the British in which the Americans lost some men he was sent to help bury the dead he helped take [care] of nineteen or twenty who were either killed or wounded we where then ordered to a place called horse heads where they had some scrimmaging across the water with the enemy they then marched to a height towards the White Plains—and Incamped—some of the British light horse came near the Americans fired one field piece and one of the British horse fell the British then retreated the American to which Camp he was detached lay on this heigh in sight of the British Army commanded by General How[e] when the British crossed the North River at a place called dobbses ferry we then marched over into New Jersey to a place called Smiths Cove and there—Incamped from Smiths Cove our comps marched to a place called hackingsacks at which place my toure of nine months service—ended and I believe as a regular discharge and by accident last the same I then went to a place called Mindhorn in the State of N Jersey where I stayed sometime.—I then removed to the township of Mdenhead in the said state of N Jersey near Trenton and worked with one John Rosell—untill I earned money sufficient to purchase a horse and Equipage, I then volunteered in a troop of horse commanded by one Capt. Kirl our first tour was to a place called Springfield near the British lines the time not recollected but at the time of the wife of a minister of the gospel was killed near that place by the enemy—and this deponent thinks that he served in their corps of volunteers for the space of six months or upwards.  Atternately he then returned to madenhead and some [?] time afterwards dole my horse for a eleven or twelve [?] put the money in my pockett book in which I had my discharged from the nine months services as aforesaid, and by accident lost my pocket book and all my money together with my discharge as before said.—I shortly after married and settled in prinstown [Princetown?] in the said State of N. Jersey and there lived about twenty years—I then moved to the County of hunterdon in in said state and in the township of Labanon and there resided some years, I then removed to the County of Essex in said State to a place or village called Turkey and there lived ten or twelve years and then removed to the County of huntadon again – at this time I am a resident of the County of Warren in said State of N. Jersey in a Village of Asberry so called—and that he hath no documentary evidence, and he knows of no person whose testimony he can procure who can testify to his services.—That he hereby relinquishes all and every claim whatsoever to a pension or annuity except the present and declares that his name is not on the pension roll of the agency of any state.  (Signed with his mark)  John Sureman
            Sworn to and subscribed the day and year aforesaid before me.  Garret Lacey, [Leary?]  Justice of the Peace

Letter dated August 28, 1923, written in reply to a request for information.
            I have to advise you tat from the papers in the Revolutionary War pension claim, W.24921, it appears that John Scureman was born in New York City, and stated that he enlisted at the time the British Army was on Long Island, and served 9 months as a private in Captain Allen’s Company, Colonel William Malcolm’s NY regiment.  He moved to Maidenhead, NJ and shortly after [?] in Captain Israel Carle’s Troop of Light Horse and served 8 months.  He was in the battles of White Plains and Springfield.
            He was allowed pension on his application executed Sept. 28, 1832, while a resident of Asbury, Warren Co., NJ, aged 75 years.  He died Dec. 1. 1832 or Jan. 1, 1833.
            Soldier married in Greenwich Township, Warren Co., NJ, Nov. 15, 1818, Catharine, widow of Benjamin Loder, she was allowed pension on her application executed Aug. 28, 1855, while living in Easton, Northampton Col., Pa., aged 65 years.  It is stated that she had no children by her husband, John Scureman.
            In 1832, Thomas, aged 51 years, son of soldier, stated that his father had previously been married, name of former wife not on record.

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