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Pension Application for William Scutt

W.21385 (Widow: Ruth Hollanbeck or Hollenbeck, former widow)
State of New Yorkl
Cortland County SS.
            On the 2d day of July 1846, personally appeared before the subscriber Henry Stephens Esqr, a Judge of the Court of Common Pleas in and for said County the same being a Court of Record Ruth Hollanbeck resident of CourtlandVille in said County aged eighty four years.
            Who being first duly sworn according to Law doth on her oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefits of the Provisions made by the acts of Congress Passed July 7th 1838, and March 3d 1843 and 17th June 1844 granting a pension to widows of persons who served during the Revolutionary War.
            That she is now the widow of John C.  Hollanbeck.  That she was formerly the widow of William Scutt who was a Private and Soldier in the War of the Revolution and belonged to the New York Militia and that in the month of April, seventeen hundred and eighty one 1781, her first husband the aforesaid William Scutt was drafted into the nine months service in the town of Cattskill Green County NY and went into the service under Captain Conine and in Colonel Willett’s Regiment and returned home about the first of January 1782.
            She also declares that she was married to the said William Scutt on the twenty eighth day of May seventeen hundred and ninety (1790).  That her first husband the aforesaid William Scutt died on the 13th day of May eighteen hundred and twenty five 1825—That she was no married to him prior to his leaving the service but the marriage took place previous to the first of January 1794 viz. . at the ltime above stated.
            She further declares that after the death of the husband aforesaid she was married to John C. Hollanbeck on the 23d day of January Eighteen Hundred and twenty six 1825—and that he died on the 16th day of August Eighteen Hundred and Twenty Eight –1828—and that she is still a widow.  (Signed with her mark)  Ruth Hollenback
            Sworn to and subscribed the day and year above written before Henry Stephens, First Judge, Cortland County Courts.

Letter dated  October 2, 1936 written in response to a request for information.  William Scutt—W.21385
            The Revolutionary War record of William Scutt which follows was obtained from pension claim, W.21385, based upon his service in that war.
            The date and place of birth of William Scutt are not shown, nor are the names of his parents given.
            While Scutt while residing in Catskill, Greene County, New York, enlisted sometime in April, 1781, served in Captain Philip Conyne’s Company, Colonel Marinus Willett’s New York Regiment, was stationed at a block house about six miles from Catskill, “to keep back the Tories and Indians”; his service was as a private and for nine months.
            This soldier, William Scutt,  married May 26, 1790 in Catskill, New York, Ruth.  Her maiden name is not stated, nor date and place of her birth.
            Willaim Scutt died may 13, 1825 in Preble, Cortland County, New York.  His widow, Ruth Scutt, married January 23, 1826, John C. Hollanbeck of Hallenback; he died August 16, 1828 in Preble.
            The widow, Ruth Hollanbeck, was allowed pension, on account of the service of her husband, William Scutt, on her application executed July 2, 1846, at which time she was aged eighty-four years and living in Cortlandville, New York.  She was living in 1850 in Homer, Cortland County, New York.
            Henry Scutt, son of William and Ruth Scutt, was forty-four years of age in 1846 and living in Cortlandville, New York. There is no reference to any other children.
            Reference was made in 1850 to a nephew of the widow, Ruth Hollanbeck, his name not given.
            Lawrence VanValkenburgh aged sixty-five years in 1847, then living in Palermo, New York, stated that William Scutt married Ruth at his father’s house, where the said Ruth then lived; there is no relationship shown between the widow, Ruth and Lawrence VanValkenburgh.

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